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Good Physicians Know the Bad Ones in their Midst

One of medicine's most cherished commandments is "First, do no harm." Most doctors take this admonition to heart, but when it comes to those who fail to honor this promise, the medical establishment resorts to another, less noble commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow physician."


Scotland by train Bonnie palace on wheels

Scotland by train: Bonnie palace on wheels


Am I Just a Piece of Meat to You PHOTO

Before you omnomnom just take a second to consider the consequences.

Are there alternative ways to get the bacon? Is it worthwhile to, say, just turn and walk away and go to the store to get new bacon?

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Fords New Ultimate Parking Machine

The company is introducing Active Park Assist on two Lincoln models, a system to automate parallel parking.

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Mastering the art of the allyoucaneat buffet

If youre a Buffet Amateur like me, your pupils dilate and your mouth starts watering as soon as you spot the long table full of steam trays and criss-crossed table cloths.

Since then Ive been tutored on the art of mastering the all-you-can-eat buffet. Everybodys got their own techniques, but heres what Ive learned over the years.

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Inside a Biergrten During Oktoberfest PIC


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Okay one more timeremember to lead with your left paw

Photographer: Thai Ta

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Sen Craig Restroom Tanking As Tourist Destination

Tourist interest stalls In Minnesota bathroom where Idaho Senator was arrested in sex sting...I'm kind of shocked there ever WAS interest.

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Study Teenage virginity pledges are ineffective

Teenagers who pledge to remain virgins until marriage are just as likely to have premarital sex as those who do not promise abstinence and are significantly less likely to use condoms and other forms of birth control when they do, according to a study released today.

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Cancer Medicine Advances on Many Fronts

Cancer Medicine Advances on Many Fronts

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Buy Al Capones House

An inconspicuous brick home that once belonged to the gangster Al Capone is expected to go up for sale this spring. (It was between 'no thumbnail' and Jesse Jackson...no-brainer)

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Parents accused of killing obese children with kindness

Britain's parents will be accused this week of "killing their children with kindness", as the government embarks on a new campaign aimed at the growing and deadly problem of childhood obesity, revealing "shocking" levels of ignorance and complacency among parents who are failing to accept responsibility for their children's health.

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Iowa City Considers Ban on Happy Hour

The Iowa City city council will consider a ban on happy hours at a meeting next month.

The ordinance comes amid a wide-ranging examination of the citys take on alcohol.


Ireland too grey for the burqa

Women wearing burqas in cold countries risk broken bones from vitamin D deficiency...A burqa is an enveloping outer garment worn by some Muslim women.

In hot countries, enough sunlight gets through to give them sufficient vitamin D, but this may not happen in countries where there is limited sunshine, such as Ireland and Britain.


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NY Times At This Casino Only the Slots Can Light Up

The Fernley Nugget, one of only two Nevada casinos that prohibit smoking, and the first built with the ban in mind, may be at the vanguard of what smokings opponents hope will be its eventual elimination in casinos, among the few public indoor places where many states still allow it.

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The SexStarved Wife

Men always want sex.

That's the message you hear from your friends, from talk-show experts, from TV sitcoms. Except when they don't.


Woman uses bra to save injured man

Using her bra to stop the bleeding, a 19-year-old Canadian nursing assistant is being credited with helping save the life of a man beaten unconscious outside a Calgary nightclub.


Hertz Connect CarOnDemand Service Taking Aim At Zipcar

Connect by Hertz, the company's new car-sharing service, lets consumers snag an i-Pod-enabled and GPS-equipped car for a few hours at a price not weighed down by the typical rental car usage fees.

Sound familiar?

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http://jalopnik.com/5118417/hertz-connect-car on demand-service-taking-aim-at-zipcar

Burger King Lies to Its Customers

It is time to take Burger King to task.

Let them know you dont appreciate being lied to and that you dont allow spyware on your computer. Let the state attorney general know you dont like this invasion of privacy. Let the Better Business Bureau know, too. Visit www.consumeraffairs.com and let them know. Stop by www.complaints.com and leave

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Lung cancer screening trial hope

Lung cancer screening trial hope


The Effects of Alcohol

If you have seen someone who has had too much to drink, you've probably noticed definite changes in that person's performance and behavior.

The body responds to alcohol in stages, which correspond to an increase in BAC.

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Ever buy a airline ticket and the price later fell


Get a refund! As droves of holiday shoppers head to stores for refunds, many fliers are unaware they can get one when their non-refundable airline ticket drops in price. Most airlines provide a refund if it is requested before a flier's scheduled flight. Depending on an airline's policy, the request can be made on the phone or at the...

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Hobbyists are trying genetic engineering at home

Hobbyists are trying genetic engineering at home


Is Sleeping Good for the Heart

For those who are always looking for an excuse to sleep in, or sleep more, your search is not in vain: According to new research, hours spent sleeping protects against calcium deposits in the coronary arteries -- the deposits responsible for heart attacks.


Japanese teens that skip breakfast have sex younger

Teens who skip breakfast as middle school students tend to have sex at an earlier age than those who start the day with a proper meal, a government-backed Japanese medical researcher said on Friday.

The average age of first-time sex for those who said they ate breakfast every day as a middle school student was 19.4.


United Airlines Ruins Christmas As Only A Crappy Airline Can

Thomas's scheduled travel on United Air on Christmas Eve went pretty much how you'd expect: his flight left four hours early, and his rebooked flight at 4 a.m. was overbooked.

The horror, inside.

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Study Facebook generation learning skills

Some parents worry children waste time online, texting or playing video games but a U.S. researcher found these activities provide social skills and learning.

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Slow Starvation of Brain Triggers Alzheimers

A slow starvation of the brain over time is one of the major triggers of the biochemistry that causes some forms of Alzheimer's, according to a new study that is helping to crack the mystery of the disease's origins.

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Wave Of The Future The Dancing SpiderLike Cruiser

It might look like something out of a James Bond film but this is could be the ocean cruiser of the future.

The WAM-V blasts along on two giant inflatable tubes which let it 'dance' with the waves.


Picture of the Day

Kodak Picture of the day ! Merry Christmas Everyone! =) I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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Cold Moments

Cold Moments

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Spectacular Panoramic of Hong Kong

Spectacular Panoramic of Hong Kong


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5 Dangerous Drug Combinations You Need to Avoid

Note to seniors (and anyone else) mixing prescriptions with painkillers and/or their favorite dietary supplements: Don't do it until you check with your doctor to make sure they don't interact to cause you harm.

A new study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that 1 in 25 people in their late 50s and older is ri


Yes Richard DawkinsThere is a Santa Claus

Scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins has admitted he does celebrate Christmas - and enjoys singing traditional Christmas carols each festive season.

The writer and evolutionary biologist told singer Jarvis Cocker that he happily wishes everyone a Merry Christmas - and used to have a tree when his daughter was younger.

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2008s Best Contest Photos You Never Saw

2008's Best Contest Photos You Never Saw

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The 7 Weirdest Holiday Lights Displays in America

From Sara Mosle, near her parents' house in Dallas: "Every time I drive by, I can't help but smile, even if I'm also shaking my head and thinking, 'Only in Texas.' "

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Sex chip being developed by scientists

Scientists are developing an electronic "sex chip" that can be implanted into the brain to stimulate pleasure.

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Malaria bed nets usefulness is their downfall

BED nets intended to slow the spread of malaria are not always being put to best use: some Kenyans are using them to fish.


Being Mean Has a Bigger Impact Than Being Nice

"The one receiving the slight cannot imagine that the slighter lacks that appreciation," he said. "And so it goes, because of such differential perception, they respond more and more strongly.

Small slights could escalate to unbelievable, irrational feuds."


A Conversation With The Guy Who Grows The Governments Weed

A Conversation With Mahmoud A.

Elsohly about his one-of-a-kind job growing marijuana with government money.


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New skin cell technique sufferers musclewasting disease

Scientists have successfully created nerve cells from skin cells in a breakthrough that offers hope for those with a fatal muscle-wasting disease.The transformation opens the way for treatments for spinal muscular atrophy, an inherited disease for which there is no cure.


17 AmazingBeautiful Examples Of Origami Art

Origami is a popular (and amazing) paper folding art and is hundreds of years old.

It is fun, and you can make many creative things from it, this list is about amazing and beautiful origami art. It needs inspiration and imagination to learn origami art. See the beautiful list of 17 examples of origami art.

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Above the clouds

Above the clouds

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10 Holiday Beers To Help You Forget 2008

For the last couple of weeks, Jonathan Shikes has been locked in his office, taste-testing holiday brews and snorting shattered candy-cane pieces. (The two activities are apparently unrelated.) Here, we present 10 of his favorite holiday beers.

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Posttraumatic stress disorder runs in family

Earthquakes have aftershocks " not just the geological kind but the mental kind as well.

Just like veterans of war, earthquake survivors can experience post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

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Vitamin supplements dont fight cancer studies show

A series of trials also shows that taking vitamins and minerals has no effect on preventing strokes, heart disease or other ailments.

In some cases, they can even cause harm.

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The Facts And Myths Of Low Sperm Count

Asylum breaks down what's fact and fiction when it comes to sperm count.

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Video Games May Do the Aging Brain Good

Older adults might want to take an interest in their grandchildren's' video games, if early research on the brain benefits of gaming is correct.

In a study of 40 adults in their 60s and 70s, researchers found that those who learned to play a strategy-heavy video game improved their scores on a number of tests of cognitive function.

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Boy Survives Near Decapitation

A 9-year-old Hillsboro boy will walk out of the hospital Friday, and the feat is being called a medical miracle.

Three months ago Jordan was in a car wreck that nearly took his head off. "There was no connection between the bones of the neck and the head," explained Cook Children's Dr. Richard Roberts.


The Science of The Hangover

The world is usually not a happy place when you awake after a big night ...Hangovers increase depression, anxiety and irritability.

Scientists are still unsure exactly how alcohol exerts its mind-bending affects, but believe that it is a combination of sleep deprivation, a lack of serotonin, and an alcohol-induced drop in blood sugar.

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Santa Claus 2008 Five SciFi Rebirths For Santa Claus

Parents! Your child refusing to fall for the idea that Santa does everything he's supposed to by "magic"? We thought we'd help out and provide some scifi explanations for Ol' Saint Nick, just in case.

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http://io9.com/5114387/five-sci fi-rebirths-for-santa-claus

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NY Times Lotus Exige S 240 is a Ton Just Barely of Fun

Colin Chapman, the racecar builder and founder of Lotus, followed a straightforward path to high performance: ignore the horsepower wars and focus on keeping weight low.

Building a car with an emphasis on austerity and light weight starts a happy chain reaction of performance-enhancing consequences. For instance, the Exige is light " just 2077 lbs.

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Dying Wish Of 4YearOld Girl

A Lancaster County girl suffering from a rare, incurable brain tumor Wants Cards For Christmas.

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How the Museum of Sex Keeps it Clean PIC

From the comments: "Remember.

When you lick one museum exhibit, you are also licking everyone that museum exhibit has ever been licked by."

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Morningside Park

Morningside Park

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The 6 Worst Vacations People Actually Pay For

The 6 Worst "Vacations" People Actually Pay For

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5 Modern Abandoned Cities

There are modern abandoned cities around the world, and each seems to have an equally interesting story behind it.

Some were abandoned following a disaster. The stillness that surrounds these towns seems almost palpable -- and it's strange to think that neighboring cities are still full of bustl­ing people. here are 5 modern abandoned cities.

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5 Surprising Holiday Health Myths

Many supposed holiday hazards are as innocuous as a tepid mug of apple cider.

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Ohio Senate Eyes Medical Marijuana Law Favored By Doctors

Marijuana is a medicine.

Not many doctors are willing to make that kind of statement publicly, especially when U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raids result in the jailing of physicians, terminally ill patients and statelicensed marijuana growers in states where the medicinal use of marijuana is permitted by law.


Biomarkers Improve Ischemic Stroke Prediction

Testing patient's blood for two proteins or biomarkers that occur when inflammation is present could help doctors identify which patients are more likely to have a stroke, said researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

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How to Stop Diarrhoea when U Tried Everything and Know Its Not Polypus Ibs or Your Diet

What's this week's dieting question? Let's dive straight in...Question: How to Stop Diarrhoea when U Tried Everything and Know Its Not Polypus, I.b.s. or Your Diet?Answer: go to your doctor.


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Traditional Definition

This is weakest of all reasoning to discriminate and enact 'bans' on gay marriage.

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Possible da Vinci sketches on back of artwork

Three sketches possibly drawn by Leonardo da Vinci have been found on the back of one of the master's major works, the Louvre museum says.


No Need to Wear a Hat and No Problem Eating Late

It may feel like the aspirin, fry-up or even "hair of the dog" is helping to alleviate that hangover caused by over-indulging the night before. But in fact there is no such thing as a "cure" for a hangover, say researchers from Indiana University in the US.

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Psychiatrists Revising the Book of Human Troubles

Psychiatrists are working on the fifth edition of a manual that is both medical guidebook and cultural institution.

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Worlds first flying car on the roads from next year

It's been a pipe dream for 30 years and now a company is taking orders for the world's first fully available flying car - to be delivered next year.

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Ok I Have a Very Underactive Thyroid Problem and Im Not Sure if There is Any Particular Diet I Should Be On

Another dieting question has come in this week.

Let's tackle it straight away:Question: Ok I Have a Very Underactive Thyroid Problem and Im Not Sure if There is Any Particular Diet I Should Be On.?Answer: The most important...


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Colonoscopies May Miss Many Cancers

A popular screening test failed to detect far more colorectal cancers than expected.


7 Most Bizarre Craigslist Personals

Below are just a selection of some of the most entertaining, bizarre and downright creepy personals from Craigslist.

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People Who Exercise On Work Days Happier Suffer Less Stress

People who exercise on work days are more productive, happier and suffer less stress than on non-gym days, scientists revealed today.

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Obesity set before age of five

One in four children aged four to five in England are overweight, latest figures show.

The bulk of this excess weight was gained before the children were five. "When they reach the age of five the die seems to be cast, at least until the age of puberty. What is causing it is very difficult to know."


Fat People Burn More Calories While Snoring

People who snore may burn more calories while resting, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, said.

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Great LIFE Magazine Images Some Incredible Moments

Great LIFE Magazine Images - Some Incredible Moments...


Nations first face transplant done in Cleveland

A woman so horribly disfigured she was willing to risk her life to do something about it has undergone the nation's first near-total face transplant, the Cleveland Clinic announced Tuesday.

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What Diet Should One Choose for Very Irritable Gut

This week's question is a good one.

Let's have a look:Question: Have recovered from a stress related illness but am struggling with finding a diet that does not cause excessive gas. My problems included a bout of gastritis following which I stopped drinking alcohol , that was 18 months ago but I am still suffering

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Preparing bacon for the freezer [WITH ILLUSTRATIONS]

Though I believe there are a few flaws with this post " such as questioning whether someone would eat a pound of bacon in a week, and the use of drawings instead of photographs " it's an interesting concept.


Necessary Medicine

Health care and the economy share a sickbed.

Barack Obama placed a heavy bet last week that they can recover together.

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Britains secrect underground city is a Fallout 3 bunker

In the event of a nuclear war, I guess it would be okay to be saved by a fallout bunker such as this one. But, it would really suck to not see the light of day again.

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Ben Mezrich pens tale of Facebooks founders

Ben Mezrich, whose best-seller Bringing Down the House about MIT math geeks who outsmart Vegas casinos inspired the hit film 21, is returning to the revenge-of-the-nerds genre with a vengeance.

It will also be about Harvards Final Clubs, which are similar to secret societies or exclusive clubs at other Ivy League schools such as Princeton...

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I Want to Lose Weight Without Dieting

A tough dieting question this week.

Let's dive straight inQuestion: I Want to Lose Weight Without Dieting? Hmmm weight loss pills, plastic surgery or alot of exorcise...

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Obesity controlled by the brain

Seven new gene variants discovered by scientists suggest strongly that obesity is largely a mind problem.

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Supreme Court Allows Suits Over Light Cigarettes

The Supreme Court is allowing lawsuits to go forward against tobacco companies' allegedly deceptive marketing of "light" cigarettes.


Are Speeders with Police Stickers Getting Away w Anything

You've seen those badge-like decals dot hopeful windshields across America"the ones that say something like Supporter, PBA.

Typically, you make a donation to the group and you get a sticker as a thank-you gift. Then (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) the sticker goes onto a car window and becomes"you hope"an amulet against a $300 ticket....

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My Right To Breastfeed Will Not Be Taken Away NSFW

My Right To Breastfeed Will Not Be Taken Away (NSFW)


Innovative Christmas tree

Innovative Christmas tree

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Finding Antisocial Invasive Cells are Basis of Cancer

Scientists have discovered the mechanism by which cells normally repel each other " a process sidestepped by cancer cells which go on to invade and conquer healthy regions of the body.


On a Diet Going for a Chinese Whats the Sensible Option for a Starter Main Meal I Have to Go

A dieting question that should definitely interest you all this weekQuestion: On a Diet & Going for a Chinese ...

What's the Sensible Option for a Starter & Main Meal? I Have to Go!!!Answer: Yes, anything steamed with...


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16000 Coconuts cover Rio beach in protest on violence

"The coconuts represent the 16,000 people that were assassinated in the state of Rio in the past two years." Rio is one of Brazil's most dangerous cities and suffers from frequent confrontations between drug gangs and the police in the city's notorious slums.

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Concern for the Male Population

Something is happening to men and boys which concerns scientists and researchers: fewer boys are being born than girls.


Exciting Discovery Could Stop Cancer From Killing People

Metastasis is the ability of cancer cells to spread from a primary site.

Researchers have shown not only that the enzyme phospholipase Cγ1 (PLCγ1) plays a crucial role in metastasis formation, but that down regulation of PLCγ1 expression is able to revert metastasis progression.


Flintstones Car First to Combine Pedals Solar Battery

Students at San Jose State University have created a new type of hybrid"or perhaps tribrid?"that makes use of human pedal-power, solar panels, and a strong battery.

Theyve dubbed the car the ZEM, or Zero EMissions Vehicle, and say it could be mass-produced for a mere $4,000.


Where Can I Buy Cheap Xenical orlistat Weight Loss Tablets

This week's question is a good one.

Let's have a look:Question: the tablets have to be the genuine ones by roche anyone outhere help thanks Answer: ..you can buy weight tablets on ebay and as it is a


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GOP on the Big 3 bailout Dont blame us blame the UAW

As GM announced the temporary closure of 20 plants Friday, Republicans who fought a White House-backed bailout plan want Americans to blame the UAW and think about Blagojevich.

The GOP strategy, previewed in an action alert sent by a Republican lobbyist and outlined by Republican aides, is based on the idea that the best defense is a good offense.

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48 hours in New York for the holidays

Got 48 hours to explore New York over the holidays? Reuters correspondents with local knowledge help visitors make the most of the shopping and holiday attractions on offer in the Big Apple.

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The Hajj and Eid alAdha PICS

One of the pillars of Islamic faith, the Hajj must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by any Muslim who has the ability to do so.

This year, nearly 3 million Muslims made the Hajj, without major incident, and are now returning to their homes across the world.

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Can Daily Exposure to Bright Light Help Weight Loss is There Any Evidence or Theory That It Might Work

A weight loss question that should definitely interest you all this week Question: Obesity seems more common in higher latitudes where sunlight is relatively weak.

Also I have noticed that I lose weight during summer holidays. I'd like to know if exercising outdoors in bright light might do me more good (in terms of weight control)

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Anamorphic Art Images That Morph Before Your Eyes

An anamorphic image is one that can only be interpreted when viewed from a particular angle or through a transforming optical device like a mirror.


Best argument for eating well

As explained by monkeys.

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Burger Porn Safe for Work and Totally Delicious

"In June 2005, I started taking photos of the burgers I was eating while researching the feature Texas Burger Binge.

I finished the feature in August of that year, but the burger photo file kept on growing."

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No soda to be sold in Colorado schools

Public schools in Colorado school will no longer be allowed to sell sodas or other sugary drinks to students, state officials say.


Any Recommendations on a Dietary Supplement to Aid in Weight Loss already Working Out Looking for a Boost

This week's question is a good one.

Let's have a look:Question: Any Recommendations on a Dietary Supplement to Aid in Weight Loss (already Working Out, Looking for a Boost)? Answer: Now, on to your question...Supplements don't work.To loose weight: eat a balanced diet,

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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

If I Die A BaconRelated Death Please Be Because of This


Seriously. I almost freaked out just looking at these pix. Must make.

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8 Truly Strange Christmas Customs

December 25th was set as the date for Christmas in the 4th century as an attempt to Christianize midwinter pagan holidays such as Solstice and Saturnalia.

Customs such as bringing evergreens inside, and hanging lights are universal responses to winter season. Some of the stranger traditions, however, are remnants of those older pagan holidays

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Smart Speed Bump Flattens When Youre Driving Slow

My car has a terrible suspension so I hate speed bumps.

Even people with decent cars probably feel the same way. Wouldn't it be awesome if the speed bump flattened when you were driving slow?

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Gene triggers unhealthy eating

Those with the gene variant chose foods with more sugar and fat, suggesting they were instinctively drawn to them rather than healthy options. People who carry a gene variant linked to obesity eat an average of 100 extra calories per meal, research suggests.

The key variant of the FTO gene is thought to be carried by 63% of people.

The full story is here:

Most Memorable Movie Mobiles

Some of the coolest/sweet/unique cars to hit the big screen


Dentist Can Detect Oral Cancer Early

Too often the diagnosis of oral, head and neck cancer is diagnosed late, but a visit to the dentist can detect cancer early.

The diagnostic tools currently available to prosthodontists -- the specialty of implant, esthetic and reconstructive dentistry -- ensure that patients are diagnosed at the earliest possible time.

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Strategic video game improves cognitive skills in adults

A desire to rule the world may be a good thing if you're over 60 and worried about losing your mental faculties.

A new study found that adults in their 60s and 70s can improve a number of cognitive functions by playing a strategic video game that rewards nation-building and territorial expansion.


Weight Loss Needed Quick for Thunder Thighs

What a great weight loss question: Question: Im going of holiday with my 4 kids and partner only to great yarmouth but i tried my mums swimming costume on and my god my thighs look like tree trunks and i want to teach my kids how to swim and take them in see too how can...

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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

10 Reasons To Tell Her Youve Cheated

So you cheated on her -- it's done.

There's nothing you can do about that now. All that matters is what you do next; it's a dilemma to be sure. Your first inclination might be to cover your tracks, come up with an airtight alibi and make sure she never, ever finds out. How about this for an idea... tell her!

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Screw Coffee Tea Is On a Comeback

A quick primer on Tea in America.

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Which value menu items are the most unhealthy

Jack in the Box burger tops unhealthful list; Taco Bell's Cheesy Double Beef Burrito was a close second, according to research by the Cancer Project.

News isn't all bad, there are some healthy choices.

The full story is here:

NextGen Dashboards Teach Leadfoots How to Hypermile

When new hybrids from Ford and Honda roll into showrooms this spring, drivers will find flashy dashboards that turn hypermiling into a videogame.

Ford and Honda's next-gen instrument clusters feature trees (a vine in Ford's case) that grow more lush as drivers learn to hypermile " the fine art of maximizing fuel economy. Leaves grow like crabgrass

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Exercise improves sexual performance

Regular exercise is good for a man's sexual prowess, according to new research which focused on swimming rats. "Theoretically, you can improve vascular health, cardio health, increase longevity and quality of life.


So My Dentist Sent Me This Innocent Email Oh Wait [PIC]

Well, actually the email wasn't sent to me, but this is funny regardless.

Though, I can't say I blame him.

The full story is here:

Levitating lightbulb

This movie demonstrates an implementation of wireless energy transfer, in combination with magnetic levitation.

The result is a light bulb(20 Watt) floating in mid-air, while lit.

The full story is here:

What Do You Think is the Best Method for Weight Loss

What's this week's weight loss question? Let's dive straight in...Question: I have my own theory, but I want to see what else is floating around.My theory is that most women in the u.s. are starving themselves on bad calories, so their bodies force them to eat.

I think the best method is for breakfast slow

The full story is here:

miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008

Los Angeles Sues Imprisoned StreetGang Leaders

Seriously...Attorneys for Los Angeles filed a lawsuit seeking monetary penalties against nine imprisoned gang leaders.

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Cancer cells illuminated in tracking breakthrough

Scientists have developed a substance that can illuminate live cancer cells and may offer a way of tracking the spread of the disease.

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9 Reasons 2009 Will Be the Year of the Naycation

The conventional wisdom about travel is that it will slip by just a few percentage points next year.

But the unconventional wisdom " supported by several troubling surveys " points to a much bigger drop.

The full story is here:

Around the World in 30 Colors

All day, every day we are surrounded by color, and even though we should be thanking the gods for being so lucky were too often numb to it.

But when we have one of those lucid moments on viewing something special, seeing an awesome image and really taking notice of our world, its then we stop and say, Wow!

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martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008

A Vaccine That Could Help Wipe Out Malaria

The only good thing about most epidemics is that if you act fast you can snuff them out before a local brushfire becomes a global blaze.

That's what happened in 2002, when the SARS outbreak was contained after claiming thousands " rather than millions " of lives worldwide. That's what failed to happen in 1918, when a rare avian flu made the jump to

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Radical design proposed for London bus

Hugh Frost, an industrial designer, reckons he has an answer to London's (and other cities) pollution and congestion problems in one: a new vehicle that consolidates passenger and freight transportation.

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Any Tips for Quitting Diet Coke Did You Have Withdrawal Symptoms

As for diet coke, keep some cans on hand and do NOT refrigerate them.

Open up a few of those when you'd normally reach for...


1995 Ferrari motorcycle to be auctioned

Ferrari doesn't make motorcycles.

At least, not officially... but that fact hasn't stopped a number of custom cycle makers from taking matters into their own hands. Perhaps the most famous Maranello-inspired two-wheeler was made by Arlen Ness, but that one's not all that practical in conception.


Drug Czar Controversy

Some researchers in substance-abuse treatment and opponents of the war on drugs are alarmed at reports that Representative Jim Ramstad, a Republican from Minnesota, may be the White House's next drug czar.

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Invasive Laptop Searches at Border Could Get Restricted

Border agents go as far as scrutinizing family pictures on digital cameras, rustling through e-books and audio files on iPods, and even looking up Google keyword searches.

But concerns go beyond your own privacy or the privacy of your employers. Lawyers may have documents subject to attorney-client privilege. Doctors might have patient records.


Curing Obesity with Worms

A previously unknown mutation discovered in a common roundworm holds the promise of new treatments for obesity in humans,


lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

Are You a Facebook Addict

Constantly refreshing your Facebook news feed? Logging in 10 times a day to browse your friends latest party pics? Facebook Gifts causing your own economic crisis? We can fix you! With¦.a social network?

Check it out here:

Scientists Back Brain Drugs for Healthy People

Healthy people should have the right to boost their brains with pills, like those prescribed for hyperactive kids or memory-impaired older folks, several scientists contend in a provocative commentary.

College students are already illegally taking prescription stimulants like Ritalin to help them study, and demand for such drugs is likely to grow..

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domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

Is There a Free Website Where You Can Get Diet and Workout Tips

For workout charts you can try ...


Happiness Contagious as the Flu

In a good mood? Your neighbor, her friends and even her friends' friends should thank you " you're likely infecting them with your cheer.

Happiness spreads through social networks about as easily as the flu, according to a new study.

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sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2008

The Top Automotive Safety Picks for Every Category

The IIHS just released their picks for the safest vehicles out there for each category (large cars, midsize, SUV, etc...)


US Troops Sue over Exposure to CancerCausing Chemicals

Sixteen American soldiers who served in Iraq are suing the defence contractor KBR, accusing it of knowingly exposing them to a cancer-causing chemical.

The court papers claim that some who served on the site went on to suffer severe breathing problems and nasal tumours. The soldiers say that they were repeatedly told there was no danger.

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Im a Bit Fatso I Want Some Tips to Get Back My Perfect Shapeu Can Give Me Some Diet Tips Too

Eat boiled food …….. dont eat fried stuff


Photos Electric vehicles present and future

WASHINGTON--Even though it's two years from delivery, the 2011 Chevy Volt is must-see in any conference on electric vehicles.

General Motors showed off the Volt this week at the Electric Drive Transportation Association Conference & Exposition here.


The 9 Detroit Auto Brands Wed Miss The Least

Dont you miss Oldsmobile? Yeah, me either.

The full story is here:

9 pictures of the Mona Lisa in different famous art styles

Stunningly accurate gallery of what the Mona Lisa would have looked like if she was made by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, the Simpsons and South Park creators and more.

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viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

Anyone got any weightloss tips

What's this week's question? Let's dive straight in...Question: Anyone Has Good Weight-loss Secrets That Don't Involve Killing Yourself with Starvation or Excercise?Answer: Check out my diet program on the homepage: Judy Weight Loss!


For American Carmakers The Problem Isnt Product

Alabama gave Mercedes $253 million to set up a factory that provided 2000 jobs.

Brown calculated that each job cost Alabama $126,500. They handed out over $400 million to Honda and Hyundai. A $25 billion federal bailout would save 260,000 domestic auto jobs. Remember Chrysler paid back their $1 billion loan early.

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Does Anyone Have Any Good Receipes or Tips for the Candida Diet

Stevia is a natural sweetener that does not feed the Candida.

STevia is 300X sweeter than sugar. It does...

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Finally Electric Cars Get Sexy


Electric Cars Get Sexy


jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

Entertaining Take on Obamas Preference for No Girly Dogs

Hey, the Pres-elect wants a big, rambunctious "man's" kind of dog.

Anything wrong with that? Wash Post columnist doesn't think so -- on the other hand....

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Im Trying to Shed a Couple of Lbs Any Tips Not Involving Major Diets

Google your ideal caloric intake based on your age, height, and weight.

There are 3500 calories in a pound. And let's say for example you need 2000 calories per day...

Check it:

Donuts Egg Hamburger Bacon Paula Deens Heart Attack

I had a heart attack just watching this video.

Check it:

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

Surgeon Does Amputation With Instructions Texted by Friend

A British surgeon has told how he performed a shocking amputation on a teenage boy in the Congo following instructions texted to him by a friend. "I had never done this operation before but I knew a colleague in London who had so I texted him.

He sent me two very long text messages back explaining how to do the operation step by step."

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