sábado, 31 de enero de 2009

First Top 10 List for Antidepressants

When someone swallows his or her first antidepressant, it may come as a surprise how the psychiatrist chose that particular pill to prescribe: It's a best guess out of dozens of antidepressants on the market.

Now, a few psychiatrists have set out to bring some order to this educated guessing game. By looking at 117 studies of the 12 most popular...

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Does Weather Really Affect Our Mood

That rain is gloom and sunshine happiness is metaphorical rather than scientific, though it rings true because we humans are inherently sympathetic to our environment.

But we are not its victims. Barring a mood disorder, our emotions are not casualties of the weather. The rain can be guilty by association, but not causation.

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Are ALL Diet Pills Baddangerous Are There Any HEALTHY Diet Pills out There to HELP You Lose Weight

Keep the diet help questions coming! I liked this one:Question: I completely intend to eat healthily and exercise in order to lose the weight.

But if there is a healthy aid I can use to help me (e.g. suppress my appetite or whatever) I might try it. I have ...

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PETAs Sea Kitten Campaign Gets Pranked With Steak Ad

Some clever techies confused PETA supporters today by pulling a well-executed prank against their campaign to re-brand fish as sea kittens.

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CNN story helps surgeon perform lifesaving operation

A brain surgeon performed what he called a "life-saving" surgery on a teenager by removing a large brain tumor using a method he read about on CNN.com just three days earlier.

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20 Worst Supermarket Foods

Some egregious offenders in the supermarket are conspicuous calorie bombs, others are junk food masquerading as healthy food, but all 20 of these foods have one thing in common: They'll undermine efforts to lose weight and feel great.

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Lambo LP640 vs Corvette ZR1 Bad Boys Review Top Gear

Review of 2 of the latest bad boy supercars by Top Gear.

Amazing power and cars.

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Worlds Most Powerful Electric Car Could Launch in 2009

Shelby SuperCars (SSC), the company behind the worlds fastest production car, has announced plans to launch an electric supercar that is four times as powerful as the Tesla Roadster later this year.

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viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

FDA finds multiple problems at peanut plant in Georgia

Roaches, mold, and signs of a leaking roof were among numerous problems federal inspectors uncovered at a Georgia peanut plant implicated in the national salmonella outbreak, the government said Wednesday.

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Help I Need to Lose Weight Can Anyone Tell Me a Website with Information on a Sensible Diet

What a great diet help question:Question: Help I Need to Lose Weight, Can Anyone Tell Me a Website with Information on a Sensible Diet?Answer...


Crazy parking ticket in Graz Austria 21000 euro

Now this is a good one: Two years ago, Austrian authorities arrested the immigrant owner of the car right on spot and deported him back to Romania.

Yet, yesterday issued him a parking ticket, too. Probably the biggest in history - I am not sure if is 20,000 or 21,000 euro, but the clock is ticking...

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Invasion [PIC]

An amazing picture of the invasion of Normandy on Utah Beach

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Debunking 5 ColdWeather Car Myths

Cold out, eh? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the frigid weather? Tired of not being able to see out of the windshield, of sliding all over the road? PM's winter guru Mike Allen, born and raised in Michigan's snowy Thumb, answers cold-weather queries and debunks winter car myths.


One Cake To Fill Them All LOTR Desserts [PICS]

That's right folks, that's a freaking cake right there -- the city of Minas Tirith in all it's fondant-y glory.

Wow. Now I'm confident I speak for all of us when I say 'my God would I lay siege to that city -- with a fork!' Am I right? "Thou shall not pass....on seconds!" Thanks Gandalf, I'll have another. Oh, uh-oh -- whip-cream fight!

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Ford Loses 59B in 4Q Says Still Wont Seek Aid WoW

DEARBORN, Mich. " Ford Motor Co. says it lost $5.9 billion in the fourth quarter but it has no plans to seek federal aid unless economic conditions worsen.The second-largest U.S. automaker says it burned through $5.5 billion in cash during the quarter.

The company said Thursday it lost $2.46 per share, compared with a loss of $2.8 billion..

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jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

20 Most Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Although coffee gets a bad rap, its actually a medicinal food.

In fact, this stimulating bean isnt nearly so bad as weve all been taught. Although Im skeptical about grande latte supplementation in the long run (its a drug, after all), I found myself surprised by much of the science on coffee.


Lance Armstrongs Next Campaign Secondhand Smoke

As the list of smoke-free cities in Texas and elsewhere is growing, Lance Armstrong continues to lobby for cancer prevention measures even after voters approved Proposition 15 to make Texas ground zero in the scientific fight against cancer.

He recently gave this interview about his own healthy lifestyle and why he wants the air to be cleaner.


I Have Weaknes After I Do Masterbade or Sex What Should I Have in Diet Help Me Please Thanks

What a great diet help question:Question: I Have Weaknes After I Do Masterbade or Sex What Should I Have in Diet ? Help Me Please Thanks?Answer...


Invisiboard Stopmotion brings invisible skateboard to life

Students use stop-motion techniques to make it appear as though they are skating on air. Countless hours of footage and editing for an amazing two minute video.

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Motorcycle made from woven baskets

This motorcycle made from woven baskets is a really nice juxtaposition of materials and function.

Driving this might be a challenge, but at least it can hold a lot of stuff as a home shelving unit.


5 Tips for Buying a Home During a Recession

Buying real estate during an economic recession presents some serious risks.

Here are five things to consider before you purchase a home this year:


How memories form fade and persist over time

What was the name of that guy with that stuff in that place with those things? Don't you remember?


Books A First Stab At A Science Fiction Canon

A great article on yet another "books everyone should read" list.

Lots of good insights in the article, as well as the list itself.


miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

Sugar Helps You Diet Vintage Ad

We're not buying it, Mr.

Sugar Lobbyist.


Healthy or Not My Life and Diet Please Help Me

We've had a reader question come in on the subject of diet help.



Lighthouse vs Tidal Waves

As picturesque as it is frightening. Each wave crashes violently against the lighthouse, and yet it still stands defiant. A truly beautiful clip.

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Traces of mercury in highfructose corn syrup

A swig of soda or bite of a candy bar might be sweet, but a new study suggests that food made with corn syrup also could be delivering tiny doses of toxic mercury.


Would You Pay 9000 PER Employee For a Company Outing

Company outings can be a great boost to company morale, but some companies take their outings to the next level by spending $9000 per employee every year.

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martes, 27 de enero de 2009


Photographer: Dieter Biskamp


New Jersey The Hidden State of Culture

New Jersey often brings to mind pollution and shopping malls, but it's an epicenter of artistic talent.

Springsteen, Sinatra, Roth, Stephen Crane and Walt Whitman are just a few examples of artistic giants to come out of Jersey. The state is derided for its turnpike, but there's a reason it's called "The Garden State." Great to grow tomatoes, too.


5 Signs Your Job Is in Jeopardy

Are you one of the many people who have their heads hidden behind their cubicles hoping the latest economic storm will blow over? If so, you have a lot of company.

However, hope is not a strategy. It is better to be prepared than to get caught in a landslide.

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Study may guide preventive mastectomy decision

A small but growing number of women with cancer in one breast are deciding to have the other one surgically removed to avoid the possibility that a tumor develops there in the future.


Heavy Smoking as Teenager Might Add Pounds Later

A surprising Finnish study casts doubts on the common assumption smokers have that their unhealthy habit helps keep them thin. Specifically, the researchers found that teens who smoke heavily were more likely to grow up to be fat.

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lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Honesty in Personal Ads PIC

Check out the rest of her photos from her 365 day project as well.

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I Keep Forgetting Im on a Diet HELP How Can I Keep My Will Power Charged Up

What's this week's question? Let's dive straight in...Question: I Keep Forgetting Im on a Diet HELP How Can I Keep My Will Power Charged Up?????????????Answer...

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ABC News Meth May be Making a Comeback

After a dramatic decline over several years, the availability of methamphetamine -- a highly addictive stimulant "cooked" with chemicals from over-the-counter cold medications -- began to creep up in 2008.

The reversal, reported by the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC), worries law enforcement agencies.

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Husbands kiss wakes sleeping beauty wife in coma

After two weeks sitting by his wife's bedside hoping she would wake from a coma, Andrew Ray was at his wits' end.


Apple juice could guard against Alzheimers Disease

Research has found that consuming two glasses of apple juice a day could delay the onset of the brain disorder, which affects more than 400,000 people in the UK.

Scientists made the discovery through laboratory tests on mice, which showed that those fed apple juice performed better in maze trials.


You Are What You Eat

10 great photoshopped images about the human-fruit "relationship"


Mystery of Sleepless Boy Solved

Boy Who Couldn't Sleep Undergoes Risky, Life-Changing Operation

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Daybreak at the Golden Gate PHOTO

A nice way to start the day.

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domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Lost my virginity to a whopper Feeling like a slut

Burger King and Wendy's are facing a number of rogue users on Twitter, who are registering accounts like WhopperVirgins, theBKlounge and 3conomics, and impersonating popular fast-food ad campaigns.

And we get to witness the hilarity.

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I Need Diet Help Please

Keep the diet help questions coming! I liked this one:Question: i am seriously over weight yet cant afford to join diet clubs so i want to do it myself but.....i have no idea what i,m meant to be eating, how much and how often....i cant exercise properly due to my ...


No Snickering That Road Sign Means Something Else

In the scale of embarrassing place names, Crapstone ranks pretty high.

But Britain is full of them. Ask the residents of Titty Ho, North Piddle, Spanker Lane or Penistone.

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NeoNazis join AdoptAHighway trash cleanup

The Springfield unit of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group, has joined Missouri's "Adopt-A-Highway" volunteer litter pickup program. "It's a First Amendment thing, and we can't discriminate as long as they pick up the trash," said Bob Edwards, a spokesman for the transportation department.

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Human Hair 5 Things You Did Not Know About It

Human hair is a simple thing made of keratin and dead skin cells.

Its function is to prevent heat loss from a persons head, yet it also causes women to weep, men to buy Porsches and people to spend billions each year on its upkeep. So check out these 5 things you didnt know about human hair.


Man boob reduction surgery increases by nearly half

The number of men seeking corrective surgery for "man boobs", or "moobs" is expected to hit a record high, according to a new report.


Text messages could be used to stop stolen cars

Police could use text messages to switch off the engines of getaway cars.

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Repeat abortions among teenage girls have risen by 70

The number of abortions performed on teenage girls who have had at least one before has risen by almost 70 per cent since 1991, fuelling fears that terminations are being carried out for lifestyle reasons.


sábado, 24 de enero de 2009

Im Trying to Go on a Healthy Diet Casn Anyone Help Me Eat

What's this week's diet help question? Let's dive straight in...Question: Im Trying to Go on a Healthy Diet Casn Anyone Help Me Eat?Answer...

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Obama to Reopen Lady Libertys Crown to Visitors

Visitors to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty will once again be able to climb the 354 steps from the base of the Statue of Liberty to the iconic crown that overlooks New York Harbor, the Obama administration is expected to announce Friday.


Overcoming Information Overload

Daniel Tammet: "Our world is generating more information with more resources and technology now than at any time in history: through TV and radio programs, cell phones, magazines, email, websites, blogs, and other media...

Being overwhelmed by a continuous maelstrom of information can be just as damaging to our minds as having too little of it..."


What Do Women Want What Causes Sexual Arousal Interest

A new generation of postfeminist sexologists is trying to discover what ignites female desire.

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Dominos Commercials Targetting Subway Turn Nasty wvideo

"In the food hierarchy, Domino's and Subway's feud is like watching two Jerry Springer guests beat the living shit out of each other: You have no vested interest in who wins, you just want it to be entertaining.

This feud just got more entertaining."

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viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

10 Tattoo Cliches To Avoid At All Cost

If youre not tattooed, here is a short guide to some mistakes to avoid.

Before you go under the needle, have a look to see what the following might say about you.


Hope Shepard Fairey On His Iconic Barack Obama Poster

The Barack Obama "Hope" poster created by L.A. artist Shepard Fairey, will hang in the U.S.

National Portrait Gallery on January 20, 2009.


Donors up but organs still short

The number of people on the organ donor register in the UK has hit a record 16 million, meeting a government target of doubling 2001's numbers a year early.

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Floating Village

Located in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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Knitters turn to graffiti artists with yarnbombing

Graffiti artists have added a new tool their traditional aerosol cans - knitting needles and a ball of wool.

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jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Building Vessels For An Incredible Journey

How to make tiny devices that could one day cruise the human body.

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Acupuncture Works as Placebo

Headache sufferers can find relief in acupuncture, even if the needles are stuck in the wrong places, scientists now say.

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Trials for Parents Who Chose Faith Over Medicine

Kara Neumann, 11, had grown so weak that she could not walk or speak.

Her parents, who believe that God alone has the ability to heal the sick, prayed for her recovery but did not take her to a doctor.


Rome puts limits on boozing

ROME - One for the road? No thanks, says Rome. The Italian capital is limiting alcohol sales in neighbourhoods famous for their nightlife to tamp down on loud, all-night partying.

Under new rules that took effect Friday, no alcohol "to go" can be sold in bars, restaurants, supermarkets or other outlets after 9 p.m.

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miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Ordering Sushi is Complicated

A documentary on proper etiquette when eating at an authentic sushi restaurant. In Japan, there are no waiters. So how do you order?


Whats in Toothpaste

And what's the most important ingredient to look for?

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7 Famous Works of Art Remade SimpsonsStyle

Gallery of famous works of art drawn in the Simpsons style of Matt Groening.

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Women have more nightmares than men study finds

Women suffer more nightmares than men because they find it harder to switch off their emotions at the end of the day, research has found.

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Healthconscious Britons eat foods they hate

One in three Britons force themselves to eat foods they dislike such as oily fish and spinach just because they believe they are good for them, new research shows.

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martes, 20 de enero de 2009

French Artist Predicted The Future In 1910 With Paintings

The National Library of France (BnF) has an amazing collection of prints from 1910 which depict life in the year 2000.

They are credited to Villemard. Though some of these may seem far off, for being created in 1910, it's quite amazing how close some of these came.

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Feeling blue Tomorrow 1192009 MOST depressing day EVER

Cold weather, fading Christmas memories and broken New Year resolutions mean this period is usually miserable, but the effects of the economic downturn makes this year worse than ever.


Thousands of shopping carts stake out the parking lot [pic]

This urban sculpture was made with thousands of standard shopping carts in a Costco parking lot by following the natural curve in a lineup of the carts.

What they are protecting, we're not exactly sure, but this might be the equivalent of the crop circle in an urban environment.


The 11 Most Depressing Moments Of The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

Just because we had fun at the Detroit Auto Show doesn't mean there weren't somber moments.

In fact, most moments were. Here are the 11 most depressing moments from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.


The Real Price of Piercing Your Body

While body piercing has increased in popularity and social acceptance, long healing time, infections and scarring can plague those who pierce.

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How Obama Found His VoiceThrough Books


Obama tends to take a magpie approach to reading " ruminating upon writers ideas and picking and choosing those that flesh out his vision of the world or open promising new avenues of inquiry."

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Genes Explain Why Some Drinkers And Smokers Die Young

Two newly identified genes can increase the chances of an unhealthy lifestyle giving you cancer, scientists believe.

The findings could explain why some heavy drinkers and smokers live to a ripe old age while others have their lives cut short by their habits.


lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Little girl gives a flower to soldier on tank

Little girl gives a flower to soldier on tank

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Americas 10 Unhealthiest Presidents

Presidential fitness hasn't always been characteristic of the nation's commander-in-chief.

Here, a retrospective of some of the least healthy presidents in American history. President Barack Obama knows a thing or two about fitness. His well-documented gym habits and disciplined diet, has the media heralding Obama as the new face of presidential he

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ABC News Fad Fat Its Bacon Cupcakes

A Colorado bakery has combined breakfast and dessert with their chocolate and bacon cupcakes.


Memory pill can help with exams

A "memory pill" that could aid exam revision and help to prevent people forgetting important anniversaries may soon be available over the counter.


Trick Photography with Books Magazines


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domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

Eyes Reveal Health Secrets of the Brain

THE eyes may be the windows to the soul, but they also make pretty good peepholes into the brain.

Thanks to an optical version of ultrasound, it is becoming possible to locate and monitor the growth of brain tumours, and to track neurodegenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease - all by peering into the eye.


Christian refuses to drive athiest bus

A Christian bus driver has refused to drive a vehicle which was plastered with an advert saying: "There's probably no God."

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County Asks US Supreme Court To Ban CA Medical Marijuana

San Diego County filed papers this week asking the U.S.

Supreme Court to erase California's medical marijuana law, arguing that federal prohibitions outlawing the substance supersede California's law allowing sick people to use it. The county is asking the nation's highest court to overturn a state appellate court's July decision upholding voters.

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A review of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is an top-selling informational product from Tom Venuto.

The product takes the buyer through a variety of fat-burning topics...

Check it out here:

19 yr old assaults mom with a taco after she uplugs his xbox

He went ahead and hit me with the taco and I got taco all over my shirt and kitchen.

Ive threatened to call police before. But anyway this time, I thought he went too far so I called police and he's in jail now.

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Five Concept Cars That Shook Detroit wPICS VIDEO

With so much riding on the survival of the Detroit-based manufacturers in the short term, you would think that the North American International Auto Show, which has a long history of concept-heavy debuts, would see a dearth of dream cars.

While this may not be a banner year for show cars, there were still plenty of significant forward-thinking....

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Barack Obama gets his owncognac

This is interesting, to say the least.

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sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

Food choices stamped on genes

That chocolate bar you've consumed won't only affect the way you fit your jeans, new Australian research shows it also has a lasting effect on your genes.

Researchers are investigating the way human cells are known to have a "memory'' and they discovered that a cell, when given a one-off sugar hit, will carry a related chemical marker for weeks.

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The 10 Most Annoying People At The Gym

Fourteen days into January, and most of us have probably spent more time at the gym this year than we have in our entire adult lifetimes.

The resolutions, they are upon us, and we have decreed: this year we will lose the weight! At least until the free gym membership runs out, right? Or until we just can't stand that creepy guy at the ab machine...

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Scenes from a Farmers Market in Monterrey Mexico

Honey on the comb, stewed nopalitos, cabrito liver sausage, roasted corn, chiles, tamales, gorditas, and plenty more photos of raw and fried deliciousness...

The full story is here:

A look at Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the 1 best selling fat loss guide on the internet.

The fat-loss topics that it tackles include why low calorie diets do not work...

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Amazing Examples of 3D Sidewalk Art PICS

The artist behind these great drawings is Julian Beever, also known as the Pavement Picasso.

Julian is an English chalk artist who has been creating trompe-lÅ"il chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. Here's a collection of his finest work.

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Woman attacked in Scotland because she sounded English

A young woman who comes from England originally has been viciously assaulted in a Scottish city center in what police are treating as a racially motivated attack.

Lucy Newman, 22, said she was hit so hard that she fell, hitting the pavement and fracturing her left cheekbone.

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Jim Jarmusch Nothing is Original Steal from Anywhere

'Nothing is original.

Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination...And dont bother concealing your thievery"celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: Its not where you take things from"its where you take them to."


A Sculpture of European Stereotypes [PICS]

A new sculpture in Brussels, commissioned by the Czech Republic in honor of its stint as holder of the European Union presidency, has rankled some EU members.

The artwork depicts countries using stereotypes, not all of them terribly flattering.

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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Double D Dollars The Cost of Breast Implants

Twenty-five years ago, women werent told that implants werent permanent, says Foad Nahai, MD, a plastic surgeon in Atlanta and the current president of ASAPS.

But patients I see now are still surprised. The first thing I tell any new patients is, Please understand, these wont be your last pair.


Earths Fractal Brain From Above [PICS]

If anyone close to you has lost their mind recently, we might be able to help.

Hidden off the beaten track within Parque Nacional de Do±ana (Do±ana National Park), Andaluc­a is something that bears a remarkable resemblance to the human brain.


Nope McDonalds Isnt Making Us Fat Capital Commerce

The "Super Size Me!" myth is disproved.

Don't blame fast-food restaurants for why America seems so supersized. This new economic study from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley seems to disprove the common nutritional myth.


Handheld Ultrasound for Combat Medics

A prototype handheld ultrasound device made from the battery of a remote control car and other cheap parts is powerful enough to sear flesh in seconds and could be used by paramedics to cauterize wounds or treat cancer.

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A peek at Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is an informational product from Dr Suzanne Gudakunst.

The product shows buyers how to lose weight (and really keep it off for...

The full story is here:

Gardening boosts mens sex lives claims study

Gardening really can help you make the earth move, according to a new study which found it improves men's sex lives.

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Top 10 Most Widely Believed Myths

Napoleon wasn't that short (for his time), The Salem Witches weren't burned?

Read the full story here:

DVD Teaches Autistic Children What a Smile Means

This DVD teaches autistic children how to recognize emotions like happiness, anger and sadness through the exploits of vehicles including a train, a ferry, and a cable car.

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jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

A peek at The Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs by Michael D.

Geary is a best-selling informational product. The ebook covers such topics as the dozens of mistakes most people make in...

The full story is here:

Worlds first flying car readying for takeoff

While it may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the flying car might soon become a reality.

A Massachusetts company founded four years ago by MIT graduates is getting ready to take its flying car -- or drivable aircraft -- on its first test flight either later this month or early in February.


Should Students Be Paid for Good Grades

Experiments with cash incentives for students have been catching on in public school districts around the country, and so has the debate over whether they're a brilliant tool for hard-to-motivate students or bribery that will destroy any chance of fostering a love of learning.


Doctors cleared of injecting children with mad cow disease

Six French doctors and pharmacists have been cleared of indirectly causing the deaths of 117 children by injecting them with growth hormones tainted with the human form of mad cow disease.


UK Paramedics Declare Man Not Worth Saving From Heart Attack

The two ambulance medics were reportedly heard discussing how they would not revive the disabled 59-year-old Barry Baker because he was "not worth saving".


Father gave son steroids to motivate him

An Iowa man has launched an early bid for the title of Father Of The Year, after he was arrested for giving his son steroids in an attempt to 'motivate' him on the sports field.

The full story is here:

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

Secrets of SuperHealthy People

Steal the secrets of people who never seem to get sick and take steps to boost your bodys immunity.

The full story is here:

A review of Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training is an informational product from Craig Ballantyne.

The product details such topics as building muscle while burning fat, and why a...

The full story is here:

The Artistry of Star Wars on Display Down Under

A fanboy's photo tour of the Star Wars Exhibit in Australia which features over 80 costumes and actual models and full-scale replicas from all six Star Wars films.

If you're lucky enough to live in Sydney you'll want to catch this show which will be running until the end of April at the Powerhouse Museum.

Link source:

Hallucinate Naturally Within Seconds

Hallucinate Naturally Within Seconds


Good nights sleep may prevent a cold study finds

People who averaged less than seven hours of sleep a night were about three times more likely to develop cold symptoms than study volunteers who got eight or more hours of sleep, Pittsburgh researchers reported yesterday in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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I have a very bad feeling about this PIC

You don't want this guy's road rage.

Read the full story here:

martes, 13 de enero de 2009

New Honda Hybrid Contender Challenges Champ Prius

The new Honda Insight hybrid promises to revolutionize the hybrid market by making gas-electric cars affordable.

But the five-door hatchback with a rock-bottom price isn't the Prius killer Honda might have hoped for. Honda isn't saying exactly what the car unveiled today at the Detroit auto show will cost when it rolls into showrooms on April 22.


Hooked on masturbation

PEOPLE of all ages often feel more guilty and embarrassed about masturbation than about any other sexual activity, but it is an instinctive thing for people to do and not at all dirty or unnatural.

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A look at Vince del Monte Fitness

Vince del Monte Fitness is an informational product from, of course, Vince del Monte.

It takes the buyer through such topics as how to gain 10 pounds in 2...

The full story is here:

Calling Fines Too Harsh Colorado Town Cuts Pot Penalties

Marijuana smokers in Federal Heights " town motto: Reaching Great Heights " will face lighter penalties when they reach a little higher, The Denver Post reports Monday.

The towns City Council last week cut the maximum fine for pot smokers caught with an ounce or less of the herb from $1,000 to $500 and did away with the possibility of jail time.

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Polaroid the iPod of another generation

FTA: "The Polaroid camera was my generation's iPod, our BlackBerry, our GPS, our Kindle - that piece of technology that wows and then becomes an extension of the hand.

And Dr. Edwin Land, always called Dr. although he didn't have his PhD, was our Steve Jobs."


lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

Europe exporting measles to poor countries

Many poorer nations had eradicated measles, but due to malnutrition and limited healthcare, the returning virus is far more lethal.


Obama Drops By Famous Bens Chili Bowl

You never know who you might find at Ben's Chili Bowl, the venerable diner in Washington's U Street district.

Even a president-elect.

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A peek at 1 Rep Fitness

Fabrice Rinaldi is the author of 1 Rep Fitness.

It is an extensive informational product that takes the buyer through such topics as how to strip fat from...


The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder

People with borderline personality disorder are some of psychology's hardest cases.

Many commit suicide. But recent treatment advances are unlocking what was once a mystery illness.

Link source:

Top Gears The Stigs Secret Revealed

One of motor-racings most guarded secrets has been answered - Top Gear's The Stig has been unmasked as a married man in his 30s who lives in a 300,000 house with a boring 15,000 car.

Check it:

Would universal health care threaten invididual liberties

The Japanese government argues that it must regulate citizens' lifestyles because it is paying their health costs.

This highlights a danger of "universal healthcare." Any government that attempts to guarantee healthcare must also control its costs. If America adopts universal healthcare, it could result in a "nanny state on steroids."

Read the full story here:

So Does Gum Really Stay in Your Stomach For Seven Years

Surely you were warned, most likely by your mother: You shouldn't swallow gum, because it stays in your digestive system for seven years.

But if that were true, what kind of havoc would that wreak?

The full story is here:

domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

Cadillac One The Car that Thinks its a Tank [Infographic]

A breakdown of the Cadillac One and it's many hidden surprises.

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To Ban or Not to Ban BisphenolA

Over the years, the rise in obesity, heart disease and some cancers have been attributed to our food and drink intake.

Not enough exercise and too many Little Debbies round out our tummies. But the use of Bisphenol-A, a chemical found in hard plastics and metal food cans, makes people think, it's not what you eat... It's what you eat out of.

Check it out here:

Funky 230 MPH 8Wheeled Japanese Electric Car

If the Tesla Roadster just isn't enough for you...not fast enough, not weird enough, and not expensive enough, then you should probably start looking out for Eliica's.

Just two of these Japanese peculio-mobiles currently exist, but the Eliica team is looking to get corporate sponsorship to produce 200 of them.

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The End of the Christmas Season The Big Picture [PICS]

In places around the world where people observe Christmas, they do so with a wide variety of religious, secular and folk traditions.

Here is a collection of people around the world observing traditions and ceremonies of the Christmas Season

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The 44 Must Go Places For 2009

From the Aegean Sea to Zambia, this years most compelling destinations are awash in sublime landscapes, cutting-edge art, gala music festivals, and stylish new resorts.


A peek at Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is an informational product from Brad Pilon.

In his ebook Brad covers such topics as how to have lots of energy, how to not get light-headed and...


Fresh Tracks in Iowa

A Canadian National Railway locomotive busts through an Iowa snowdrift.

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Quick Study A Look at the Lottery

$8.50: Amount a college-educated player spends on the lottery each month in Texas --- $16: Amount spent each month by the typical player without a high school degree...

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sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

As Inmates Starve Sheriffs Wallets Get Fatter

The prisoners in the Morgan County jail here were always hungry.

The sheriff, meanwhile, was getting a little richer. Alabama law allowed it: the chief lawman could go light on prisoners meals and pocket the leftover change.

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New Study Autism Linked to Environment

Research links soaring incidence of the mysterious neurological disorder to fetal and infant exposure to pesticides, viruses, household chemicals

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Britains First CancerFree Designer Baby Born

The first British baby genetically selected to be free of breast cancer to avoid developing the disease in later life has been born.

Doctors said the child was 'doing very well'.

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A look at Fat Loss Trouble Shoot

Fat Loss Trouble Shoot is an informational product from Leigh Peele.

The product covers such topics as how calories work in the body, how long you should...

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How to Design Your Ideal Life

Are you tired of setting New Year's resolutions only to find yourself faced with the same resolutions a year later? What we need is a different approach.

We need a system of designing our lives to sustainably improve the quality of our daily experience.


Nut allergies a Yuppie invention

Unless you're a character on "Heroes," genes don't mutate fast enough to have caused an 18% increase in childhood food allergies between 1997 and 2007.

And genes certainly don't cause 25% of parents to believe that their kids have food allergies, when 4% do. Yuppiedom does.

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viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

A look at Master Cleanse Secrets

Master Cleanse Secrets is an informational product from Raylen Sterling.

The product takes the buyer through such topics as how to cleanse and detox your...

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Lexus to roll out system that lets its cars talk to drivers

Along with its version of Onstar, Toyota announced that new cars will include a system that can send voice messages over the air to its drivers.

Called Lexus Insider, the service will let Lexus send audio messages to owners on whatever subject it chooses, from tips on making the best use of the vehicles' features to suggestions for a scenic drive.

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20 Beautiful Examples of Light Graffiti PICS

Light graffiti, also known as light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera.

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