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Men and women respond differently to danger

Men and women may respond differently to danger, a brain scan study suggests.


At This School Its Marijuana in Every Class NYTimescom

A six-week, $485 primer focuses on the history, the horticulture and the legal how-to's of Michigan's new medical marijuana program. Smoke up!


micronichefindercom a scam

Andy examines Micro Niche Finder...what does he reveal?


domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

Cell Phone Cash worth it

Andy takes a look at Cell Phone Cash...what does he discover?


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fatburningfurnacecom worth buying

From the page:How to lose 42 pounds and 10 inches of belly fat in just 45 minutes a week...or lose 59 pounds and 8 dress sizes while


Top Gear team builds EV shows how complex car production is

The presenters of Top Gear, among the finer specimens of British television talent (Dr.

Gregory House being another), were this past week engaged in


Diabetes expected to double costs to triple by 2034

According to estimates from researchers at the University of Chicago, the total number of Americans with diabetes will double in the next 25 years, from the current 23.7 million to some 44.1 million in 2034.


viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

The DeEvolution of Thanksgiving Dinner Pic

Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich: Leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, mac & cheese, spinach balls, puerto rican rice, brussel sprouts, pearl onions, BACON, white castle hamburgers and ravioli inside a foot long bun.


magni work worth buying

From the webpage:Never Pay For Electricity Again, A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free Electricity is Finally On The Open, And You'll Never Have To Pay A


jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Best Abstinence Advice Ever Christian Side Hugs

If you're like me, and you have trouble keeping friendly frontal hugs from turning into full-on depraved bonefests, you'll appreciate the advice of these side-hug-advocating, Jesus-loving white rappers.

The video is priceless.

Source: motherjones/TheRiff (Mother Jones | The Riff)&utm_content=Twitter

1936 Thanksgiving Camel Ad Smoke After Each Course

This advertisement for Camel cigarettes appeared in the November 23, 1936 edition of LIFE magazine.

It earnestly demands that you smoke a Camel after each course of Thanksgiving dinner -- "for digestion's sake."


Satellite D I R E C T worth buying

Andy takes a look at Satellite D I R E C T...what does he find?


miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

How to Get Your Car Stolen [Pic]

Seen on a car window in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco!


ExF1 Champ Drives Through Channel Tunnel Slideshow

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Channel Tunnel, former F1 champion John Surtees has become the first person to drive a private car from Folkestone to Coquelle.


reversephonedetectivecom worth buying

Andy reviews Reverse Phone Detective...what does he reveal?


National Geographics International Photography Contest 2009

National Geographic's International Photography Contest attracts thousands of entries from photographers of all skill levels around the world every year.

While this year's entry deadline has passed, there is still time to view and vote for your favorites in the Viewer's Choice competition.


martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

10 Best Night Life Cities

In very strong competition for the best city for night life among world capitals such as Monteral, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, a small town in small country took all the sympathy and won first place¦Below you can see a list of top 10 selected cities for night life.


Scotch whisky protected against inferior copies

New guidelines to protect whisky from foreign imitation, including new rules on labelling and bottling, are coming into force in Scotland on Monday.


Top 5 Food Shortage Nightmares

Simultaneous shortages in Libby's canned pumpkins and Eggo waffles in the last week have led to some puzzling moments of hysteria.

The situation got us thinking about which foods we'd totally freak out about if, suddenly, we couldn't get them.


The Ideal Amount of Time for Sex Is

... a lot shorter than you would think.

In a "they got paid to do this?" kind of study, researchers have figured out that the optimum amount of time for sexual intercourse is three to 13 minutes -- not counting foreplay.


Remarkable Footage of San Francisco in 1905

A video shot from a streetcar traveling down Market Street in San Francisco in 1905 before the earthquake/fire of 1906 destroyed the area.


Biggest baby crib recall in US History

WASHINGTON " More than 2.1 million drop-side cribs by Stork Craft Manufacturing are being recalled, the biggest crib recall in U.S history, following reports of four infant suffocations.


domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Criminals Beware Abu Dhabi Unveils PoliceIssue Nissan GTR

The Abu Dhabi police department took the wraps of its latest cruiser on Monday at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix " a 2010 Nissan GT-R carrying a price tag of over $83,000.


sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

MechaniKong and Dr Whos secret pyramid base

Illustrations detailing the secret weapons of Dr.

Who, an evil scientist bent on capturing King Kong, place a mind-control helmet on his head, and use him to hijack ships and rob banks.The 50-meter tall remote-control robot is powered by a 200,000-kilowatt nuclear reactor and can shoot laser beams from its eyes and poison gas from its nose.


Deep fried bull testicles Chew on this

It might take balls to eat them, but deep fried bull testicles have a niche market in parts of Montana.

This north-western US state even hosts its own Testicle Festival every year.


Medibots The worlds smallest surgeons

The surgeons of tomorrow will include tiny robots that enter our bodies and do their work from the inside, with no need to open patients up or knock them out.

While nanobots that swim through the blood are still in the realm of fantasy, several groups are developing devices a few millimetres in size.


Panty Liner Phallic Art No Its EcoSpoon for the Insane

Not everyone can be trusted with a spoon (think asylums and prisons), so a company that develops paper container lids has developed a biodegradable, safe spoon. While its safe paper design ensures your dining partner won't be able to shank you with it, it's shape, complete with a tip labeled 'Eat', suggests a shank of a different sort.


California tuition hike protests Did your school go up

Angry students statewide are protesting a 32-percent undergraduate tuition hike instituted by the California Board of Regents. Can I just skip the last 1/3 of college?


viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

The Top 10 Most Aggravating Types of Drivers PIC

Don't you just love the guy who leaves his blinker on for hours and hours?


Mind Blowing Hyperrealistic Sculptures [Pics]

Artists that produce photorealistic sculptures, for the most part, aim to show us our bodies and life as it really is.


jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

The Obese Dont Always Know It

Some obese individuals don't know they're overweight.

Some obese individuals don't realize they have a weight problem, a new study finds. That could be an unhealthy attitude as these same people tend not to exercise and have many risk factors for cardiovascular disease....


Current cigarette smokers at increased risk of seizures

A recent study determined there is a significant risk of seizure for individuals who currently smoke cigarettes.

This is the first prospective study to examine the potential risks associated with cigarette smoking, caffeine intake, and alcohol consumption as they independently relate to epilepsy.

Source: sciencedaily (ScienceDaily: Latest Science News)&utm_content=Google Reader

Whats in a name More than you might think

A London-based translation firm is offering parents-to-be the chance to check the meaning of prospective baby names in other languages to avoid inadvertently causing their offspring future embarrassment.

Source: reuters/lifestyle (News / US / Lifestyle)

12 Delicious Movie Theatre Munchies

Sitting there in the dark of the movie theatre, you feel your stomach grumbling, your taste buds begin to salivate, as the blood and guts or sex and comedy on the screen let your psyche know that it is time, time for that age old tradition that has been part of the movie theatre experience for generations: over-priced concessions food


miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Five Body Parts You May Be Able to Regrow Soonish

Starfish, salamanders, and planarian flatworms share a seemingly magical trait: the ability to regenerate body parts they've lost.

While humans may never boast quite the same ability, scientists are perfecting ways to create different types of replacement tissue. The fabled "human spare-parts kit" may become a reality sooner than you think.


US vs China Working Together on Global Warming

At loggerheads over several issues, the senior and junior superpowers (and carbon producers) have lots of potential common ground on climate change.

Source:,8599,1939882,00.html?xid=rss-health&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: time/scienceandhealth (TIME: Top Science and Health Stories)&utm_content=Google

Welcome to the clone farm Do you know what youre eating

Most consumers are already consuming the meat & byproducts of cloned animals or from offspring of cloned animals without knowing it.

Pollard Farms looks much like any cattle ranch. Similar looking cows are huddled in similar looking pens. But some of the cattle don't just resemble each other. They are literally identical - clear down to their genes


Quest to find out what the Romans dropped down the drain

Britain's oldest bath overflow is to be given its first thorough inspection nearly 2,000 years after it was built.


Creativity Redefined Graphics By Alexis Mark

British graphic designer Marc Alexis (Alexis Marcou) lives and works in Larissa (Greece). look at his illustrations " watercolors and graphic works.


Look Closer The Devil is in the Details [PICS]

A photograph is flat, isn't it? Think again when you view the following life-size photo statues.

In the hands of Korean sculptor Osang Gwon, hundreds of photographs become a life-size copy of the original...


martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Stop Annual Mammograms Govt Panel Tells Women Under 50

"Their justification: these new guidelines capture 81% of mammography's benefits, save a lot of resources, w/only a 3% drop in survivorship from the most common cancer to affect women," said Dr.

Marisa Weiss, president & founder of "But what really is the cost? & who is paying that price? It could be you, your mom, daughter, siste


WhoaThis just seems wrong [Disturbing Footage]

The Chinese have developed a way of deep frying a fish so that it remains alive while you eat it.


Medical Tests Every Guy Needs

An age-by-age breakdown of the most important medical check-ups for men


Toxins in plastic turn boys into girls

Chemicals in plastics alter the brains of baby boys making them 'more feminine' and uninterested in rough games, say researchers.


lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

7 Terrible Ideas for Breakfast

Americans have a knack for valuing convenience in our foods, but these seven breakfasts have gone over the edge!


Gutenberg Project

Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 30,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone or other device.


domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Love And Envy Linked By Same Hormone

A new study has found that the hormone oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," which affects behaviors such as trust, empathy and generosity, also affects opposite behaviors, such as jealousy and gloating.


sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

Beauty is Your Birth Right

Beauty is Your Birth Right


Researchers Erase Cervical Cancer in Mice

Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have eliminated cervical cancer in mice with two FDA-approved drugs used to treat breast cancer and osteoporosis.

The drugs, which keep estrogen from working in cells, also cleared precancerous growths, or lesions, in both the cervix and vagina, and prevented the onset of cancer in mice


Mix Your Own Liquid Tamiflu For Kids H1N1 Lifehacker

If you've got a youngster in need of Tamiflu to ward off H1N1 or standard flu, but the store's out of child-friendly liquid stuff, you can mix your own fairly easily, according to the CDC and wise parents.


Bacteria in Gut Linked to Obesity

Diet, exercise and genes aren't the only factors responsible for body weight, say researchers, who are discovering evidence of another component: the bacteria in your gut.


Man gets Bionic Bottom

A man whose bowel was ruined in a motorbike crash is able to use a remote control to go to the toilet.


viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Can speed shrinking fix your head in 180 seconds

Three, two, one...Speed Shrink!


BMW Confirms 4Cylinder Diesels for US Market

BMW will introduce the four-cylinder diesel to the U.S. lineup now that tougher fuel economy standards have been imposed.

In keeping with BMW's performance image, we will get the more powerful variants.


Strippermobile Proves Every Las Vegas Stereotype Correct

Concerned citizens have been complaining to city officials about the stripper-mobile.

But it turns out, unsurprisingly, that Las Vegas does not have any laws precluding women from stripping in a truck.


Doctor used own sperm in patient gets twins keeps practice

For nearly seven years, none of Dr.

Ben D. Ramaley's patients have known that the prominent obstetrician/gynecologist had been accused of an almost unimaginable act -- substituting his own sperm for that of a patient's husband during an artificial insemination procedure.


jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

BREAKING US Deports Lou Dobbs

WANTAGE, NJ"Acting on anonymous tips from within the Hispanic-American community, U.S.

Customs and Border Protection officials on Wednesday deported Luis Miguel Salvador Aguila Dominguez, who has been living illegally in the United States under the name Lou Dobbs for 48 years.


14x More Vets Died from Lack of Healthcare as in Afghanistan

A Harvard Medical School research team estimates 2,266 U.S. military veterans under the age of 65 died last year because they lacked health insurance and had reduced access to care.

That's more than 14 times the number of deaths suffered by U.S. troops in Afghanistan the same year.


Everything Everywhere In 30 Seconds [Videos]

Life's too short to live at normal speed.

These videos summarize The Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica, all of Hollywood, the last ten years of history, space travel, Western philosophy, music, dance, inspirational speeches, and more, all in a matter of minutes.


Catholic Church Schooled by Google on Modern Technology

A four-day conference attended by Catholic officials from across Europe will aim to school them in spreading God's word " 21st Century style.


Achoo Achoo Achoo Achoo The Girl Who Cant Stop Sneezing

She begins sneezing at 0:45 and hasn't stopped!


American Medical Association changes policy on Med marijuana

The American Medical Assn. changes its policy to promote clinical research and development of cannabis-based medicines and alternative delivery methods.


miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

50 Spectacular Shots of the New Aston Martin Rapide

Wow this is such an awesome car! Not sure who can afford to drive a car like this, but here's a peek into the serious Luxury of a new Aston Martin.

This is a Hi-res gallery.


Women More Loyal When Cancer Strikes

Men are more likely to leave their sick wives than the other way around.


Ecofriendly Futuristic Hybrid Car From Peugeot

Epine concept car is a hybrid eco-friendly vehicle that offers a new way of being in contact with the nature and is aiming to provide a racing track experience to its occupants.

This car has a minimalist unique design that is inspired from the racing vehicles like Formula One cars and motorcycles.


Crazy Roundabout Jump captured on CCTV

Car jumps over roundabout, captured on CCTV in New Zealand. ...


martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Marijuana May Help People With Bipolar disorder

A new study from the University of Oslo finds that marijuana use is associated with better neurocognitive functioning in bipolar patients.


Study Finds Poor Bosses Cause Heart Attacks Sickness

If an inept or abrasive boss is ruining your workday, you may be taking that stress to heart, literally.

New research links having a poor supervisor to a higher risk of heart attack, and thats not all: people who dont like their managers also take more sick leave.


7 Historic Hollywood Landmarks

Whether its Graumans Chinese Theater or that iconic nine letter sign, Hollywood is rife with historical landmarks.

Here are seven that had a small part in making Hollywood the movie capital of the world.


Brazilian Expelled For MiniSkirt Awesome Govt Asks Why

We would not have thought such a thing could happen just a few hours from Rio.


lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Congressman Dennis KucinichKucinich Why I Voted NO

After voting against H.R. 3962 - Affordable Health Care for America Act, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement: We have been led to believe that we must make our health care choices only within the current structure of a predatory, for-profit insurance system which makes money not providing health care.


Delta Gives Free InFlight WiFi To Trick U Into Shopping eBay

Starting Nov. 24 and lasting through a week, the auction site/retail outlet/digital store will be providing passengers with a free promotional code so they can get online via Gogo.

The only catch is that the first thing those passengers will see as they soar online through the crowded skies is the eBay frontpage....

Source: Gives Free In-Flight WiFi For The Holidays To Trick You Into Shopping eBay

The Mavizen motorbike A laptop on wheels

Some are calling the Mavizen TTX02 a laptop on wheels." Not only can the bike reach speeds of up 130 miles an hour, it also has an onboard computer system.

Each bike comes with a dash-mounted computer complete with Linux, on board server, a dedicated IP address, USB, and Wi-Fi connectivity.


domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Are Americans Less Educated Than Bulgarians

Economics adviser to Barack Obama during the campaign, and now a member of the President's Council of Economic Advisers and chief economist of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Austan Goolsbee is a key figure in framing the economic thinking of the Obama administration.

He says recent college graduates in the US are alarmingly illiterate...


Alaska island village hit by suspected swine flu

Suspected swine flu is sweeping a traditional Eskimo whaling village on a remote Alaska island prompting an urgent medical mission to deliver help.


Facebook addicts spend more than a week per year on the site

The average person who used Facebook in each of the last 12 months has spent 70 hours 26 minutes on the site during that period, according to a spokesman from Nielsen Online, the company which conducted the research.

They also calculated that the most addicted users have spent over 125 hours on the site during the last year


sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

Deadliest Drugs Deaths vs Media Coverage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cannabis is no more harmful than alcohol.

And horse-riding is riskier than taking ecstasy.


5 American Fast Food Items You Cant Get in America

Pizza Hut pork stew? While America may be known around the world as a fast food paradise, there are actually some menu items you can't get stateside.

Here are our Top 5 oddities from abroad.


American woman suffers amnesia after intercourse

An American woman suffered a sudden attack of amnesia after having sex with her husband.


Chickenhawk Tancredo storms off set after Markos confronts

Chickenhawk Tancredo storms off set after Markos confronts him on veterans health care


Mandatory sex lessons for every 15yearold

Sex education is to be made compulsory for all pupils, prompting fury from faith groups which said that the move would contravene the right for children to be educated in accordance with their parents beliefs.


Kirk Cameron links Charles Darwin to Hitlerracismsexism

In a video posted recently to YouTube, Cameron lays out a plan to subvert 'Darwin Day' on November 22, 2009 -- a date marking the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species." Cameron says that he and like-minded activists plan to deliver 50,000 copies of an altered version of Darwin's book to students.


viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

Flu Fighters True Stories of Those Battling the Swine Flu

"This pandemic is a chance to strengthen our vaccination program -- or really set it back..."


Chryslers Complete FiveYear Product Plan [Infographs]

Here's Chrysler's complete product plan " all the brands including Fiat " for the next five years.

Source: year-product-plan

Weird Food McDonalds Sells Around The World [wPhotos]

From the Samurai Pork Burger, to McSpaghetti, to Thai Spicy Fish McDippers, McDonald's has some really strange food products you'll never see in the United States. Hopefully.


CDC Can Now Track Swine Flu In Near Real Time

The Centers for Disease Control have settled on a private, nationwide database with the electronic medical records of 14 million people run by General Electric in order to track potential outbreaks of the H1N1 virus.


McDonalds Across the World Graphic

A look into McDonald's dominance around the world, finding that you'd find a franchise in most countries, with the most being in the US.

You'd find yourself paying a huge US$7.18 for a burger in Norway, compared to only US$3.57 in the US.


The worlds most expensive Christmas bauble costs 135860

Take a look at the most expensive Christmas bauble in the world, coated with precious gems and worth a mere $135,860 - and created in a tiny village jewellers.


Flu Shots for Fat Cats Wall Street Gets H1N1 Vaccine

Employees & traders at the NY Stock Exchange, bankers at the financial firms, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, along with employees at the New York Federal Reserve all have access to the hard to find H1N1 vaccine.

This while some NY hospitals, along with 100s of pediatricians and obstetricians scramble to secure vaccines for their high-risk patients.


jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Lose hope and be happier

GIiving up hope can actually make some people living with a serious illness happier, according to US researchers who have found a 'dark side of hope'.


Beer with extra buzz on tap up to 16

A growing number of states are moving to allow higher alcohol content in beer, despite concerns from some substance-abuse experts.


RI governor signs bill banning indoor prostitution

Police could start targeting some of the more than 30 suspected brothels operating across Rhode Island after Gov.

Don Carcieri signed legislation banning indoor prostitution in the only state where it was legal besides parts of Nevada. The new law, which took effect immediately, makes prostitution a misdemeanor regardless of where it occurs.


Americas Fattest States 2009 Graphic

The latest obesity rates in the US for 2009.

Mississippi had the highest rate of adult obesity at 32.5 percent, making it the fifth year in a row that the state topped the list. Colorado continued to have the lowest percentage of obese adults at 18.9 percent.


Cars that stir our soul

They're fast, furious, deadly and ridiculously expensive.

The lure of these super cars is hard for young drivers to resist.


Dr Julio Frenk Foresees Second Wave of Swine Flu

When pandemic H1N1 "swine flu" broke out this spring, Frenk was in the thick of discussions by the Mexican government, the World Health Organization and governments worldwide in his role as the current dean at Harvard School of Public Health and as the former minister of health in Mexico. In Mexico, he also oversaw the design and i


miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

The Legacy of Saddams Architecture of Fear [ PICS]

Environmental Graffiti put together a great set of images and a very interesting article. Empires rise and fall, but the physical foundations they lay remain like ghosts.

Fifty years ago Baghdad had just three public sculptures. But what has become of this architecture of fear since the fall of Saddam?


Toyota To Launch Battery Electric Vehicles In 2012

Carter confirmed that Toyota would introduce a battery electric car in 2012.Toyota would like to have a fuel cell vehicle on the market by 2015 if there is a reasonable network of filling stations. oyota will start deploying its test fleet of 500 plug-in Priuses around the end of November to commercial and government fleets in Japan, North America


Need For Healthcare Too Great to Dismiss Public Option

The battle over the public option isn't over yet, as there is at least one more card to play.

But how in the world could Senate Democrats get to the point where the concept of the public option is even particularly controversial? What does that make Social Security or Medicare? America's embrace of Marxism?


Take a Bow Atlanta Youre the Most Toxic City in America

Forbes has ranked the 40 largest metro areas to determine the most, and least, toxic cities in the United States.

Atlanta and Detroit were named the dirtiest, while Las Vegas and Sacramento rank among the cleanest.


Pregnant women should get flu shot as winter bites WHO

Pregnant women and other people at high risk should be vaccinated against the H1N1 swine flu virus as the cold weather begins to bite in the northern hemisphere, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on...


The coolest tower I ever saw



Hipster Countercultures Through the Decades

Hipster, Beatnik, Hippie, and right back around to Hipster.

Who were these groups and how did they come about?


martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Man Holds Up Taco Bell Only to Ask for Job Application

Keep the people of the Hudson Valley in your thoughts, where the economy is apparently so devastated people have to hold up Taco Bells for job applications.


Our Son Takes His Clothes Off For a Living

"Our son takes his clothes off for a living, and my wife and I think its just fine.

A family rule is to get a job for college pocket money. Being paid $15 an hour to sit around naked is nearly twice as much as other student jobs. Theres a difference between nude and nakedness, says the director of the universitys visual arts program..."


Planned Parenthood Leader Resigns After Watching Ultrasound

"I just thought I can't do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that's it."


The Worlds Most Terrifying Towers Glass Balconies

Whether youre clinging for dear life to a rickety wooden rainforest observation tower or staring straight down through a glass floor at city streets thousands of feet below, frighteningly tall spires and lookouts give us humans a look at our environment that our ancestors would never have imagined possible.


lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

How junk food diet can give you depression

Those who regularly eat processed meals are almost 60 per cent more likely to suffer depression than those who choose fruit, vegetables and fish.

Researchers claim their study is the first to investigate the link between overall diet and mental health, rather than the effects of individual foods.


domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009