lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Strike Means Uneasy Sailing for Cruise Ship Passengers AOL

(May 30) -- The luxury liner was due to set off on a week-long cruise of Greece's sun-kissed islands, Italy and Croatia.

But then, as the Zenith's 1,440 passengers -- mainly Spanish travelers -- moved to board, hordes of protesting seamen stormed Piraeus, taking Greece's biggest harbor hostage for 24 hours, and blocking travelers from embarking


Summer Nightastic preview New costumes in Main Street Elec

Disney's Summer Nightastic will have new and old.

The Main Street Electric Parade of course is the old but look for new costumes. Prince Charming and Cinderelle among them.


15 Cool and Artistic TankThemed Designs PICS

A great list of 15 really cool tank designs that are completely weird and bizarre not just in looks, but also in their utility.

Of course, many of these tanks are not war-worthy and they are just meant for the purpose of fun.


Libya plane crash not technical fault

Flight recorders from a plane that crashed in Libya on 12 May killing 103 people suggest there was no technical failure.


domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Police Car of the Future Grabs 14000 Reservations

The upstart police car manufacturer Carbon Motors is off to a good start.

Although their E7 Police Car won't even enter production until 2012, the company


San Francisco holds Masturbateathon 2010

In 1995, Good Vibrations invented National Masturbation Month in protest of the firing of Clinton appointed U.S.

Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders.


Man almost has his penis amputated after 27 hour erection

A man tried to escape from a hospital in the Dominican Republic where he had been hospitalized for priapism, a condition characterized by a prolonged and painful erection not associated with sexual desire after learning that doctors planned to amputate his penis.


Sex Game Leads to Five Teen Pregnancies

Sex Game Leads to Five Teen Pregnancies, Five young female students from Poland are pregnant after engaging in a sex game with male students, reported.


Restaurant Ordered To Pay After Waiter Dies

The operator of a major Japanese restaurant chain, Nihonkai Shoya, and its top four managers were ordered Tuesday to pay about 78.6 Million Yens (nearly 0.86 Million USD) to the parents of an employee who died of overwork.


sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Whaddya know Auction it for a worthy cause

New website lets people auction their skills or services, with the payment going to the charity of their choice.


Iron Baby Movie Trailer

Sure, he has all the cool gadgets and the suit of the real Iron Man, but how does he change his diaper?


New Study Finds Sunblock May Increase Skin Cancer

A new study by an eco-consumer group finds that some sunblocks may increase the growth rate of skin cancer cells.

Is yours among them?


Remember the Fictional TV Bars and Over21 Establishments

Here are the top ten fictional tv bars we wish existed where everybody knows your name, from Bada Bing on the Sopranos to One Eyed Jacks on Twin Peaks...


And The 2010 Award For Biggest Douche Goes To [pic]

Who would imagine the winner would drive a Hummer?


viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

The Truth About Alcoholism Infographic

Regardless of the addiction, it can destroy your life and those around you and alcohol is no different.

Here are some facts about alcoholism and the truth behind it all.


How To Win The Battle Against Stress

The key to controlling your stress is realizing the majority of things that make you happy in the short term make you unhappy in the long term.


Bathroom User Instructions for Men and Women [Graphic]

What a waste of time..


100 Vintage Lunchboxes

"They just dont make lunchboxes like they used to � and its a shame because the vintage ones (and their accompanying thermoses, too) are brilliant reminders of popular culture during the era from which they came.

Look into the vault (read: Google) and find a lunchbox, presumably from the 1950s, showing James Arness, gun drawn and atop a ..."


Ford May Be Sounding Mercurys Death Knell

We don't have anything in stone yet, but Bloomberg is reporting that Ford executives may be planning to shut down its little-known and flailing Mercury brand.

The closure would mark the end of almost 71 years in the business for Edsel Ford's Mercury brand.


jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Student Loses Testicle Sack Tapping Out of Control in MN

Pain is the operative word in the story of 14-year-old David Gibbons.

It is a pain he has endured both physically and emotionally after being punched in the groin by another student as he changed classes at Crosby Ironton High School. It's just gotten way out of control," said Wheeler, who now performs "three to four surgeries a year," on boys.


22 Cool Artworks Made from Computer Keyboards PICS

Let us now take a look at 22 Computer Keyboard Artworks inspired by the ubiquitous QWERTY keyboard we have grown to know so well


Banksy vs Robbo War Between London Street Artists

There's a graff war going on along the banks of the Regent's Canal in Camden, North London and RJ explains what it's all about.


Cancer Patient Forced By Judge To Have Surgery

A cancer patient is to be forced to undergo life-saving treatment against her wishes after a landmark ruling by a judge.


miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Mapping Tumor Heterogeneity With Quantum Dots

One important discovery made about cancer over the past decade is that as a tumor develops, the molecular identity of its cells begins to diverge.

As a result, any given tumor is likely to contain groups of cells with differing genetic makeup, growth rates, and more importantly, susceptibility ...


Xtreme Eating 2010 The 9 Worst Meals in America

With two out of three adults�and one out of three children�overweight or obese, youd think that restaurants would have some interest in keeping their patrons alive and dining out longer.

Nope. Its business as usual in the restaurant industry. And that means its business as usual around here. Welcome to our 2010 Xtreme Eating Awards.


Evil Villains and Their Fast Food Equivalents

Crime is a lot like fast food.

We know that we shouldn't be doing, but we do it anyway. It may taste and feel good in its immediacy, but in the long term, both never pay. It's because of this that we're listing villains and their fast food counterparts.


Govt 89 deaths tied to Toyota acceleration

WASHINGTON -- The government says unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles may have been involved in the deaths of 89 people over the past decade.


Spending Holidays in the Axis of Evil

Ever since 2002, when U.S.

President George W. Bush named Iran a member of the world's anti-American Axis of Evil� � the idea that American tourists would visit Iran has seemed to border on the bizarre. Yet an adventurous few do come, and most find a welcome far beyond what they had imagined.


martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Testosterone Makes Women Less Trusting

Trusting women become more skeptical when they are given doses of the sex hormone testosterone, a new study suggests.


Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills. You just have to know where to look. Here are the top 40 sites I have personally used over the last few years when I want to learn something new.


Extreme Makeover Reinventing the Parking Lot

Ripping up yesterday's asphalt expanses can make towns greener and livelier and still save room for cars


The biggest art heists

The most famous art thefts and heists of the 20th Century


Top 2010 Cars Under 15000 MSN Autos

Here are our choices for the 10 best rides under $15,000 from 2010.


lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Dengue Fever In Florida Portends A Growing Problem

You may not have heard much about a nasty tropical infection called dengue fever.

But that may soon change.

Federal health officials have identified the first sizable outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease in the U.S. in 55 years, in the Florida Keys. They say the southern U.S. is ripe for more.


Looking for a used car Now is the time to buy

The best values for buyers in the used-car market are 2- or 3-year-old models, which are past the steep part of the depreciation curve, have the latest safety features and should provide many more years of faithful service.

Some are still covered by the original warranty.


Stalins Gulag Prison The Deadliest Prison of All Times

You thought that holocaust was horrible? Then, you probably should know something about the Gulag prison which was one of the worst prisons of Soviet regime.


40 is the new 30 for mothers

A recent national report found birth rates falling in virtually every age group of women in their childbearing years � except for those between 40 and 50.

The group aged 40 to 44 had its largest birth rate since 1967.


domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Teen Becomes Youngest To Climb Mount Everest NPR

Jordan Romero, 13, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa when he was 10 years old.

His goal is to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents.


A Magic Night

It was just one of those nights, every log fit perfectly on the fire.

The moon was still waxing, just about a turn from full, so that we were all crazy with its light, but still building......


So Our Little Muslim Neighbor Comes To The Screen Door

This is a new kind of wrong.


Bad Drivers We All Have Our Moments [Videos]

People do funny things while driving.

Everyone is guilty. Fortunately for many of us, not a lot of people see our screw ups. What happens when people do, though? It gets put up on YouTube, of course! There have been plenty of good car videos over the years, but lets take a look at some funnier moments:


Common misconceptions Things we know that just arent so

We all live with misconceptions about the world.

This is quite normal. No one can be an expert in everything, so we simplify our learning into easy-to-remember snippets, which are often very close to the truth, but never quite there.


sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Cancer Survivors Find Benefits in Yoga

Study: Yoga participants experience less fatigue and better quality of life.


DC SuperSizes Its Condoms

The city had been handing out Durex condoms, but changed its mind after getting the results from a youth survey.

Apparently, teens and young adults thought the rubbers were too cheap -- and too small.


The Economics of a Drug Bust PIC

This marijuana bust could pay for itself.


An Interview With a Penis Contortionist

Dick tricks on a whole new level, "Puppetry Of The Penis" is a touring show that presents tricks like "The Woman", "The Hamburger" and more. �Yikes.


Let the kids play with arsenic

Pressure-treated wooden playground structures do not live up to the bad reputation they have earned as being harmful to children, according to the findings of a new study.


viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

10 Amazing Downtown Skyline Images

Of course, this list is subject to individual taste and passion, however we have compiled some of the most beautiful skylines around the world. The list is based on several factors, including urban architecture, natural beauty and photographic excellence.


50 Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography

This post is dedicated to Architecture Photography.

Our surrounding is full of many beautiful things: traditional or fashionable, architectural photography can be as exciting as it is gratifying.


Stronger Vaginal Gels The Latest Attempt to Block HIV

Try after try to make vaginal creams that could repel the AIDS virus have failed.

Now researchers are testing if a drug used to treat HIV infection finally might give women a tool to prevent it -- by infusing the medicine into vaginal gels and contraceptive-style rings.


Images from Inside the Newest Largest SuperJumbo Jet

Before today, Lufthansa's new interiors for the A380 were kept tightly under wraps, especially so for First Class, which features an entirely new design for the eight seats, which cost around $10,000 per person for a round-trip from Frankfurt to Tokyo.

So what makes them worth a hefty 10K?


Know Your Trolls Chart

All trolls are not created equal.


jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Is it safe to travel to Thailand

Hi,I've been reading a lot about the current protests and incidents of explosive attacks in Bangkok and other parts of the country.

I'm a female traveling alone in late may to Bangkok and Phuket, I was wondering if it's safe to make the trip alone?...


50 Awesome Super Mario Bros Cakes PICS

There may be nothing better than having a Super Mario Bros. themed cake at your birthday, wedding or party.

How can you go wrong really? I mean�take one of the greatest memories from our childhood and add some suga to it. These sweet creations are almost too awesome to eat�who am I kidding�Id be chin deep in each and every one of these.


Bizarre religious festival Explosive mallet required vid

Bizarre religious festival: Explosive mallet required (vid)


Man Nabs Boy For Throwing Dandelions At His Porsche

A 47 year old German man abducted a young boy for throwing Dandelions at his Porsche and took him to the police station.


Eating Organic Healthy Food Is NOT Expensive

Many say eating organic is too expensive.

But they aren't taking into account the costs of pesticides and chemicals and the toll they exact on our long term health.


miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

Killer Kit Kat Campaign Spurs Nestle to Revamp Supply Chain

Nestle has moved aggressively to clean up its palm oil supply chain, following months of heated social media campaigns drawing attention to its supply chain ties to illegal deforestation practices.





Health Organizations Base Policy on Misleading FDA Report

We should be able to rely on government agencies to provide us with factual scientific information.

Unfortunately, the FDA has fallen down on the job. As a result, the American Lung Association, American Heart Association, and American Cancer Society have developed misguided policies regarding the use of electronic cigarettes.


Medical Pot Cops Confiscate 9YearOlds Minnie Mouse Wallet

Christine Casey runs a medical marijuana dispensary out of her home in Tacoma, Washington.

When cops raided the place last week, they cuffed her 14-year-old son, put a gun to his head and confiscated $80 they found in her 9-year-old daughter's Minnie Mouse wallet.


Made in the USA The AntiStarbucks Revolution

Independent coffee artisans-turned-entrepreneurs have found success by offering an alternative to the big national chains.


martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

How to Hold on in a Moving Train [Pic]

How to Hold on in a Moving Train [Pic]


Delicious Star Wars ATAT Wedding Cake Makes Even Geeks Cry

Oxymoron or not, apparently Star Wars geeks do get married.

Although I've never seen one with mate in the wild, apparently it's been know to happen. Check out this amazing AT-AT wedding cake baked up special for the bride and groom.


Vitamins and Health History Benefits Lifestyle

Vitamins have a deeply extended record, although up to the time of comparatively a short time ago it was not one that had been acknowledged.


10 Things You Can Do to Improve Americas Health Care System

Key things you should know about the new health care law and ways you can bring true reform to the industry.


25 Awesome Shoes [Pics]

These shoes will literally make your feet jealous.

It's a fact, just ask science.


lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

People Who Have Actually Read the Entire Bible Pie Chart

I think I see what they did there.



Inheritance� video.

Please enjoy and have a Blessed Sunday.


The Darth Vader Helmet Makeover Project Pics

Lowbrow and urban artists from all around the world showed their allegiance to the dark side by giving Vader helmets a complete makeover.

The Vader Project exhibit was debuted at Star Wars Celebration IV in the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Landmark study to show potential dangers of heavy mobile use

Prolonged mobile phone use could be linked to a type of cancer, the largest
investigation of its kind will show.

Its findings may lead the Government to update its health advice on the safety of mobile phones, which has remained unchanged for four years despite increased usage in Britain particularly among children.


Celibacy And The Catholic Priest

"Lies, denial, arrogance, selfishness, and cowardice: such are the notes of the structure within which Catholic priests now live, however individually virtuous many of them nevertheless remain.

Celibacy is that structures central pillar and must be removed. The Catholic people see this clearly. It is time for us to say so." -- James Carroll


domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Brand Loyalty Honda Ford Rule Toyota Slips

In a new survey by Consumer Reports, Honda leads as the brand with the most customer loyalty, while Ford makes massive gains to move to second spot.

The highly publicized news of several quality and safety issues seems to have taken a toll on Toyota, now coming in at third.


Culture is Making Ireland an Islamic Extremists Safe Haven

The extremists came to Ireland as asylum seekers and now their children are becoming adults, taking over university societies, brainwashing other students.

These "indigenous" extremists are being bolstered by students from the Middle East.


10 Things Women Think About During Sex

And you aren't at the top of the list.

But... walking the dog, Kevin Costner, and 'when is this guy going to finish' are.


FourYearOld Devan Has A One In 200000 Chance Of Finding A

Four-Year-Old Devan doesn't just need a bone marrow transplant -- he needs a donor that has the same Human Leukocyte Antigens he has.

Because Devan is of mixed heritage, matching his tissue markers is particularly challenging.


How to Ride a Motorcycle Across Southeast Asia

When it comes to Southeast Asia, everyone has the same guidebook and the same itinerary.

You need to do something unique; something everyone else is too scared to do. How about buying a Soviet-made motorbike for $300 and riding it from Saigon to Hanoi? Sound crazy? It is - but you can do it and OTP is well-prepared to guide you.


sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

The Undead Invade Romero Film Opening for Zombie Walk [PIC]

George Romero fans gathered for the Zombie Walk, promoting the premiere of Romero's newest zombie film, "Survival of the Dead".


College When to Drink [CHART]


A time when young men and women say goodbye to moderation and hello to many repeated nights of hugging their dorm room toilets. Why? Because


Can Strippers Save Schools

A N.Y. strip club manager wants to institute a pole tax to aid local schools.


5 Literary Geniuses Whose Lives Culminated in Grisly Suicide

Writers have a monopoly on the hard life.

They also seem to have a monopoly on the brutal suicide�


A Startup That Helps Facebook Quitters

If search results are any indication, more people are looking for ways to shut down their Facebook profiles.

A start-up called Diaspora aims to take advantage of the trend.


viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Girl Handed Bag of Money Instead of Food at Taco Bell

A Dayton woman went to a local Taco Bell to get her fix of hastily made, overly processed Mexican food.

However, she didnt get quite what she expected as she ended up leaving the drive-thru not with a quesadilla and a bout of explosive diarrhea but rather a bag full of $2,000 in cash.


Changing how you think helps with depression

Moderate to severely depressed clients showed greater improvement in cognitive therapy when therapists emphasized changing how they think rather than how they behave, new research has found.

Source: eScienceNews/popular (e! Science News - Popular)&utm_content

How to make the perfect Eggs Benedict

Considering all that mothers do, a decent breakfast shouldn't be too much to ask.

Brunch classics such as eggs Benedict can be intimidating, and traditional French toast can be pedestrian. But not in the kitchen of chef Michael Wagner...


New Google Search Tools Why Are They Important To You

Google has added new search tools to help users find the information they are looking for easier than ever.

But will these search tools help or hurt you?.


Greeces Magical Meteora Monasteries

These monasteries were inaccessible enough that only the most dedicated followers tried to reach them, while they also made the monks feel like they were closer to God in a place of peace and solitude.


jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

Eight Minutes of Awesome Supercar Porn VIDEO

Aside from the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution racing a Corvette ZR1, there's probably every modern supercar you can imagine in this video.

It is awesome!


The Cars of the Playboy Playmates [pics]

Since 1964, Playboy's given a car to every Playmate of the Year.

This year, the magazine gave Hope Dworaczyk a BMW S1000RR motorcycle. This exclusive retrospective shows how her bike stacks up against the rest of the Playmate garage.


Pocket Shot WTF

As if taking a shot of tequila or vodka on the sly needed to be made even classier somehow, along comes the portable shot-in-a-bag.

Sneaky high school students everywhere will rejoice.


Will Immigration Law Doom Americas Lettuce

Salinas, California, is known as America's salad bowl, but each fall, as evening temperatures drop in Steinbeck's home valley, farmers pack up and head south to what the industry simply calls The Desert.

The majority of the labor comes from undocumented workers.


Disaster Tourism Sichuan 512 Earthquake Ruins Tour pics

The ruins of Xuankou middle school in Yingxiu town, leveled by the massive 2008 earthquake in southwestern China.

The Chinese government has officially endorsed tours of devastated areas as a form of economic subsidy.


miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

The Absolute Worst or Best City Promo Video EVER

My head is still spinning from the absolutely awful awesomeness of this promo video for Sioux City, IA.

Whether it is awesome or awful, one thing is for sure: I now have a strange urge to head to Sioux City for a night of 80s karaoke.


Headaches to Hiccups 7 Home Remedies that Work

Most of us know about home cold remedies like chicken soup but there are more home remedies that work with many other common ailments like headaches and warts, and many more


Proof You Shouldnt Trust Tip Calculators on Receipts PIC

If you're depending on the calculations at the bottom of your restaurant receipts, you might want to reconsider.


How to Get the Most Out of Budget Airlines in Europe

Americans are used to being kicked in the nuts every time we buy a plane ticket.

So when we see a ticket from Barcelona to London for 1�� ($1.50), we automatically assume its a scam. It is and it isnt. Here are 10 tips to cutting through the bullshit and squeezing the most out of budget flights in Europe:


20 Plants to Grow in Your Container Garden

You can grow amazing number of plants in a container garden.

Here are 20 ideas to help you grow your food even if you are short on space


martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Montana Marijuana Clinic Gets Bombed Seriously Bombed

Someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a Billings, Mont., business that provides marijuana for medical use early Monday and spray-painted "NOT IN OUR TOWN" on its storefront.

Detectives were investigating whether the acts were committed by those who oppose such businesses or by business rivals.


Edible Apple iPads

Steve Jobs and the Cookie Monster would equally be proud of these edible iPads.


Clueless New Yorkers Mistake Prototype BMW For Car Bomb

New Yorkers mistook a lightly camouflaged BMW X3 prototype � carelessly left running in front of the Museum of Natural History by a BMW executive � for a car bomb and promptly shut down parts of the city.

Uh, seriously.


Inter workings of a sewing machine lockstitch method [GIF]

Inter workings of a sewing machine (lockstitch method) [GIF]


Organic Potatoes FAIL pic

Seriously? The people who are buying organic potatoes in the first place will also be the first ones to balk at this kind of over-done packaging that seems to miss the whole point.


lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Did Religion Have an Evolutionary Value

Richard Dawkins argues that humanity's historical predisposition towards religion and supernatural beliefs may have held an evolutionary utility. "The rule of thumb: 'Believe whatever your parents tell you,' quite clearly could have survival value," says Dawkins.

He's the King of All the Atheists, and now Richard Dawkins is hammering home...


Meningitis C Vaccine Not Fully Effective Wears Off

Three-quarters of children vaccinated against meningitis C lose their protection by their early teens, research suggests.


32 Pics Caught at Exactly the Right Moment

Zoom, click, flash - and with that, through luck or skill of the photographer, sometimes an image is captured at just the right second.

Here are 32 pictures caught at the perfect moment.


Grace Notes From The Underground

MIT students restore beloved, ingenious, outlandish Kendall Square T stop sound sculpture designed and built by Henri Matisse's grandson, 77-year-old Paul Matisse.


Ingredient In Dark Chocolate Could Guard Against Stroke

SUNDAY, May 9 (HealthDay News) -- Something in dark chocolate
seems to help protect the heart, and now researchers say they have
identified the molecular mechanism by which a compound found in cocoa can guard against the damage of a stroke.


domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Aurora Borealis Over North America

Aurora Borealis Over North America


Virginia Not For Lovers Anymore

Today, Virginia is defiantly for mixing guns and booze.

It's for bashing women who choose legal abortion. For offshore drilling and dirty coal. For telling gay employees they can be legally discriminated against. Cluelessly urging black Virginians to help celebrate their own slave history. Today, the state motto isn't even relevant.


How the Other Half of the Top 1 Lives

What's life really like for those in the highest tax bracket?


Offal Why Entrails and Internal Organs are Good For You

These meats may not be pretty, but plenty of people still consider them tasty and delicious.


sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

Top 10 Ways To Become Irresistible To Women

It's no secret - women look for these characteristics in men.

It drives them crazy.


Volvo S60 Crashes During Crash Avoidance Demo

BOOM! Straight into the back of a truck! A great reputation for safety doesn't count for much if your car crashes during a demonstration of its crash avoidance technology.


Police Set Up Patrol for 100YearOld Wildflower Orchid

It might look like just another bunch plants right now, but Britain's rarest wildflower, a yellow and purple Lady's Slipper orchid found at a golf course, is worth a ton.

Cuttings can be sold to collectors for as much as 5,000, and in order to protect the flower from thieves.

Source: treehuggersite (Treehugger)&

Japan Turns to Adult Diapers for Fuel

Japan's population is getting older.

Their birth rate has declined, and with that, a drop in production of baby diapers. But conversely, the production of adult diapers has risen 7% in just two years, hitting 5 billion units last year. Leave it to Japan to turn an increase in adult diaper waste into a great fuel making opportunity.


viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

WorkLife Balance Yeah Right

Were all desperate to achieve it, but no one can find the time


Mixing Drinking and Gambling Not As Smart As It Sounds

When it comes to perceived vices, drinking and gambling are usually right up there with swearing and prostitution.But for casino regulars, mixing booze and bets can be a mixed bag.Many of those who


Life ssssaver WHO launches snake venom website

The World Health Organization launched a website Tuesday it hopes will help cut the estimated 100,000 deaths caused annually by snake poison.


How to Be a Porn Star Magnet Tips From a Guy Who Knows

Evan Seinfeld is the ultimate modern renaissance man.

The one-time singer/bassist for New York hardcore heroes Biohazard and star of the HBO prison drama "Oz" married (and divorced) porn star Tera Patrick...

Seinfeld is currently dating Colombian-born, Spanish-raised rising porn starlet Lupe Fuentes...


jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Welltrained immune cells keep HIV in check

A computer model proposes a solution to a long-standing mystery in HIV research -- why a small percentage of people infected with the virus never develop full-blown AIDS.

The answer lies in how the immune cells that recognize invaders are educated, and suggests new strategies for designing an HIV vaccine.


You Are Your Own Trash Can

The absence of government in India and why the Tea Partiers are silly.


Abandoned Soviet Military Navy Repair Factory PICS

Abandoned Soviet Military Navy repair factory in Estonia.

It is placed at Arkula, near Tallinn.


What the Health Law Didnt Fix Medicare Doc Pay

Just about everyone agrees the scheduled 21 percent pay cut to doctors in America's Medicare program would be a devastating blow to patient care.

But without the cut, the federal deficit will balloon another $300 billion over the next decade.


Sleeping for less than six hours can cause early death

Researchers find 'unequivocal' link between lack of sleep and increased risk of premature death.


miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The New Lightweight Audi R8 GT

This lightweight R8 is numbered to 333 worldwide, and is a damn beautiful machine!


Road Rage Goes Wrong [Gif]

Road Rage Goes Wrong [Gif]


16 Powerful Pulitzer Prize Winner Photography

One of the category for Pulitzer prize is Feature Photography, that honors and recognizes a photograph or series photographs that captivate our emotions and presents story that can only be acknowledged by looking at them.
Warning: Some of the these images are very powerful, graphic and emotional.

Maybe not be suitable for the weak hearts.


HCLU Paving the way to medical marijuana

HCLUs new movie, Paving the Way, features one of the Californian medical marijuana dispensaries, the Harborside Medical Marijuana Health Center, opened by Stephen DeAngelo in 2006 in Oakland.


20 Awesome Playing Cards

A selection of playing cards designs which range from the cool to the down right geeky.


martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

10 Unique and Frugal Mothers Day Gift Ideas

This list includes some very unique Mothers Day gifts - the kind most mothers would love to have, but most folks just don't think of them. It also includes a few less-creative ideas, but all very affordable for kids who haven't yet struck gold.


Male obesity linked to low testosterone levels

Obesity, a condition linked to heart disease and diabetes, now appears to be associated with another health problem, but one that affects men only -- low testosterone levels.


Portrait of Crime

Portrait of Crime


Huge Panorama Shows Dubai Down to Girl in Bikini [PIC]

The 45-gigapixel panorama was made on April 23 by Gizmodo's friend Gerald Donovan from the construction site of the Ubora Towers in Business bay, Dubai.

It took 4,250 images taken with a Canon 7D using 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L zoom at 400mm.


For HighFructose Corn Syrup Sweet Talk Gets Harder

Many Americans are trying to avoid high-fructose corn syrup, and more products are being made with sugar.

But corn refiners haven't given up trying to win over the public.


lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Romance On The Road What Women Want

A Q&A with Jeannette Belliveau, author of "Romance on the Road," on women who travel for sex and companionship.


Take A Ride on the Tequila Express

Seth Doane traveled to the town of Tequila in Central Mexico to see how America's thirst for Tequila is literally changing the landscape.


Book review The Fatal Strain On the Trail of Avian Flu

The author follows the emergence of bird flu in Southeast Asia, including near miss outbreaks, the response of the local population and national governments, and WHO's struggle to conduct surveillance against a backdrop of mistrust and lack of cooperation.

All of those problems continue to exist. . .


Top 10 Tips to Maximize your cars Millage

How often do you have to stop and fill up your tank? Frequent trips to the gas station may be a sign that youre not maximizing your cars fuel efficiency.

Getting the best fuel mileage from your car is no easy task.


Implant may help deaf hear conversations

Bionic ear implants that mimic the way our brain detects speech with electrical signals could restore hearing to profoundly deaf people and allow them to hear conversations clearly.


domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Sexual Violence UnderReported On College Campuses

How many sexual assaults occur on college campuses each year? Actually, no one knows.

A survey says 20 to 25% of college women will experience sexual assault during their college years, yet reported numbers are far, far lower. 95% of attacks aren't reported.


NYCs Times Square shut down over suspicious car

Several blocks around New York's Times Square were closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic Saturday night after a police officer saw smoke emanating from a box inside a parked car, according to authorities.


Students Hack Honda Engine to Run Entirely on Hydrogen

Students from Hacienda Heights, California have built a vehicle with a hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) using a four-stroke engine from Honda.

The three-wheeled vehicle runs entirely on hydrogen and uses absolutely no gasoline.


Game Meat is Becoming More Popular With Consumers

From wild boar to venison to rabbit, find out why these game meats are becoming popular alternatives to your usual go-to meats.


Childrens cold allergy medicine recalled

A voluntary recall has been issued for more than 40 over-the-counter drugs for children, including Tylenol and Motrin, because they don't meet quality standards.


sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Pilot accused of Hit and run with an airplane

After hitting a car and shearing off a wing against a utility pole, the pilot grabbed a large black satchel from inside the plane and ran from the scene, ignoring another pilot's attempt to get him to stop, according to witnesses and investigators.


Magic Mushrooms

with lovely star bokeh!


Only 2 Days Left to Try to Win 250000 FrequentFlier Miles

Where in the world would you go if you suddenly had 250K frequent-flier miles? Would you trade them in for two business-class tickets to Asia? Three biz-class tix to Hawaii? Nine coach tickets within the continental U.S.?


Racial disparity study of knee OA

Racial disparity study of knee OA - From health news blog