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Screw putting up a dry erase board in your home office turn a whole wall into one with IdeaPaint ($30-$175).

This ingenious paint turns anything you can paint into...


The Craziest Hair Commercials Of All Time

A round-up of the most hair-raising commercials ever made.

From Bumpits to spray on hair, there's no denying the long and storied history of weird hair product commercials. Oh, how our younger selves yearned for a Topsy Tail and glitter hair gel. Now we're just bewildered. But then? That marketing worked wonders.
The fear factor hit just as far one Head & Shoulders spot scarred us for life.


Steak Station

Grilling your own steaks but need to serve up rare, medium rare, medium, and burnt well done cuts all at the same time? Let the Steak Station ($23) help you...


Take As Much As You Need PIC

Thank you.

And I think I will.


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Dont Do Drugs Do Trainers Pics

Dont Do Drugs, Do Trainers (Pics)


Awesome Lil Celebrities Made From Wool Needle Felting PICS

Kay Petal is an artist from Alaska who found a great way to create some artworks from wool by needle felting.

From Lil' Conan O'Brien to Lil Willie Nelson, these ought to give you smile.


Chicken Nuggitz Be Crispy PIC

Best review ever.


Grand problems at Grand Canyon

A series of man-made threats could cause serious problems for Grand Canyon National Park in the coming years, according to a new report by a conservation group.


Everything You Need to Know About Private Jets

Take it or leave, but they say the more intricately you can visualize something and the more often, the more likely it is that the thing your visualizing will become a reality.

So private jets may not yet be in your future but it cant hurt to visualize as much as you possibly can about chartering one now.


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Britons abandon thank you in favour of cheers

They are the two magic words which for generations have been the cornerstone of good manners.

But research suggests today's Britons are no longer capable of saying 'thank you' when showing gratitude.


Propaganda Posters of World War Two PICS

During World War Two, propaganda posters became something of an art form and some examples are very well known even today.

Its been claimed that truth is often the first casualty of war, and it is very interesting to see how the events of the time were depicted in this selection of posters and leaflets from both sides of the conflict.


Nintendo Fanboys Get Silly With Bike Lane Prank Video

Some clever person in Portland has decided to paint Mario Kart iconography into one of the citys bike lanes.

The mayor should give that person the key to the city.


15 Awesome Optical Illusions in Salvador Dali Paintings

And clearly one of the coolest� artists of all time is none other than Salvador Dali. Can you honestly say youve seen art that is similar to his? I mean Im not sure Id put up any of his stuff in my own home but that doesnt mean I dont find it challenging and interesting.


2012 Nissan GTR changes appear on web

The thing about a halo car is that it needs that pretty little halo buffed and shined every single year to be sure the machine is kept at the forefront of consumers' minds.

Nissan has been doing a pretty good job with its GT-R over the last few years in this regard, bumping power here and adding new techno-goodies there � all in an effort to give..


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2011 McLaren MP412C The Future of the Supercar

McLaren calls the MP4-12C the world's first "and" car, because company engineers set out to build a vehicle that could do away with the dichotomies of today's supercars.

Whereas the current pack of high-performance machines can be either lightweight or safe, provide extreme handling or ride comfort, the MP4-12C will deliver all of those.


Who Was Right Huxley or Orwell

Fascinating graphic art looking into our title question


Naked vacations gain popularity

Travel alert: Nearly 50% of U.S. readers recently surveyed by TripAdvisor said they'd welcome a visit to a nude beach -- with open arms, we'd expect.


Turning Everyday Items Into Humorous Art [pics]

Artist Terry Border uses everyday items such as peanuts, oreos and kiwis combined with wire hands and feet to make inanimate objects come to life.


Is Moderate Drinking Healthy

Can you drink before, during, and after going to the gym? Is moderate drinking healthy? Sure, as long as you pick the right cocktails.

Herein, a slightly unhealthy but moderate guide.


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How Hypercars Work

...some of these cars are so efficient that you could plug them in and return power to the grid for a discount on your electric bill.

This isn't just pie in the sky futurism, either. We'll show you some hypercars that are on the road today.


NJ parents much less willing to vaccinate their children N

Parents in New Jersey are significantly less willing to have their children immunized against childhood diseases than are parents in other States.


Lets Go Dumpster Diving Video

Choi Jeong Hwa is elevating dumpster diving to high art.


The Greatest Guerrilla Art Mystery Youve Never Heard Of

The curious case of the Toynebee Tiles and their continuing legacy


Top 10 Chinese Cars That Would Be Awesome in America

There are a plethora of world-class rides exclusive to the Chinese market that we cant get here, and here are 10 Chinese cars we want.


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9 Back to School Tasty Easy Lunch Recipes

These 9 lunch recipes will start to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches look boring.


The last moment of a cupcakes life PIC

Andrew in Melbourne snapped this pic just before the best part of his dog's day.


Worlds 20 Biggest Yachts

World's 20 Biggest Yachts -

Some have missiles; some have swimming pools; some have 90-person staffs�all of these boats are enormous vessels of power, expense, and luxury!


9 Defunct Sports Venues We Wish Were Still Around

Generally speaking, time brings progress.

A forty year-old ball park should be replaced by a new one that is more comfortable, better looking, and presumably, more interesting. This is almost always the case. Lets give it up for nine sports venues that we wish were still around.


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Animated Infographic Which Countries Are Happiest

For decades, the World Database of Happiness has surveyed how happy people are.

Here's a look at how happy people in various countries said they were (on average) over the last 30 years.


10 web hoaxes you wish you hadnt forwarded

When sender's regret strikes...


Why Some Peoples Farts Are Worse Than Others

Sirius Radio's Dr.

Steve offers a medical opinion on why some people are more malodorous than others


The US Muslim Student Associations Terror Problem

One national student group gearing up for the upcoming academic year is the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

Founded in 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and operated as an arm of the Saudi-funded, Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Muslim World League, the MSA is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected Islamic institutions i


Top 21 Social Bookmarking Websites

Build high quality back-links to your website and start increasing your search engine rankings using these great social bookmarking websites.


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Child Abuse in America 80000 victims and growing

Maybe you already think that child abuse in the United States is a major problem, maybe you don't, but the statistics don't lie: 80,000 children in the U.S. are victims of abuse and growing.


10 US Coins You Wont Find in Your Pockets

Here are a few coins you're unlikely to find jingling in your pockets... and if you do, I'd definitely avoid using them in Vendoland, no matter how strong your Diet Coke craving is.


12 Awesome Private Islands for Sale

You know, in case youre in the market.


How I Fought Bedbugs And Won

They know when youre in your deepest sleep, so often feed about 2 hours before sunrise; they can find you by your breath because they sense carbon dioxide.

They live for A YEAR without feeding!


40 Beautiful Examples of Magnificent Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography would be a term for this so called, levelled up view. here's a collection of inspirational aerial shots


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Solar Doesnt Spill [PIC]

Neither does wind.


Crushing Nuts With Gravity

This handsome devil is not a hazelnut bong.

It's a nutcracker. Or rather, a nut-smashed-by-gravity's-pitiless-fury-er. Your wrists will thank you every bit as much as your legumes will fear you.


Color Inspiration from Beer

We chose several beers of different types and found colors that were warm browns and golden yellows, even some amber reds and oranges... while even serving some deep, rich browns in the darker beers.


Strange Bedfellows Some weird stuff happens when you sleep

What really happens when your head hits the pillow? There are those who walk, those who talk, or those who eat in their sleep.

Now a study in the journal Sleep even documents those who have sex while asleep.


Star Wars Recreated in Origami [PICS]

With its epic story and amazing special effects, 'Star Wars' inspired a generation.

Here are some of its greatest hits recreated in miniature!


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Scottish researchers turn whiskey into butanol sort of

As we've noted in the past, butanol has more energy than ethanol and can be used in gasoline engines without modification, so it's a win-win to make it from waste sources.

The researchers say the next step is to get the whiskey fuel to refueling stations. We'll drink to that.


What Do You See [PIC]

The answer may reveal more about your inner desires than you expect.


Archive Fever at Duke University

Mad men and mad women, ponds and dragonflies, in Durham, North Carolina.


You Want A Fucking Poncho IMG

Bitches will be all up on your dick...


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New York Citys TrashSucking Island

A network of 20-inch tubes takes garbage from the islands 16 residential towers, collecting from every floor, to a central collection point where it is compacted and trucked off the island.

It is at once a simple and elegant solution to gathering trash, and an aging and complicated beast that needs a lot of upkeep.


CSI Camp 300 microscope included

I never thought it was possible to wish to be 16 again -- the SAT preps, begging my mom for a ride to the mall and attempting to complete my summer reading of Anna Karenina in full the day before school started -- that is, until I heard that I was missing out on some summer learning fun that didn't exist when I was 16: Forensic Science summer camp

Source:, NY/1/4/0/0/200907/104

Bizarre High Fashion pic

Bizarre High Fashion (pic)


With alcohol ice cream employers embrace perks over raises

Planit's sleek orange floors in the lobby lead to a sweeping view of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

The trendy-looking bar table in front of a gigantic refrigerator is filled with beer, wine, energy


Surprise Yes Fuel Efficiency Still Matters to Car Buyers

What a shock! Who'd ever have thought it? Will wonders never cease? Yes, yet another survey shows that fuel efficiency matters to car and truck buyers.

And that more than half say their next vehicle will get better gas mileage than their current ride.


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Haikus Are Easy PIC

Haikus Are Easy (PIC)


Hundreds of PTSD Soldiers Likely Misdiagnosed

At the height of the Iraq war, the Army routinely fired hundreds of soldiers for having a personality disorder when they were more likely suffering from the traumatic stresses of war, discharge data suggests.


Fish In Your Future Will Be More Sustainable Less Enjoyable

The history of fish is useful mostly as a guide to what should not be done. With ruthless efficiency, beginning with fish that live in rivers or are close to shore, and then pursuing those that live farther out, fishermen have deployed bigger and bigger boats, better equipment to exploit one species after another.


Red Menace How The Tomato Conquered Italy And America

When [the tomato] arrived on the scene in Italy, it was strictly a curiosity for those who studied plants � not something anyone faint of heart would consider eating.

In 1628, Paduan physician Giovanni Domenico Sala called tomatoes strange and horrible things� in a discussion that included the consumption of locusts, crickets, and worms.


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Consults Working Nights Sleeping Poorly

People who work nights can develop shift work sleep disorder, putting them at risk of headaches, mood changes, accidents and weight gain.


The Bible and Human Dominion Over Animals

Part of the story of God's creating the universe in seven days involves creating a cosmos that God made to be good.

Human beings must maintain an order that allows each thing to be and do all of what it is and does, animals included.


Japanese Reversible Destiny Lofts Cheat Death by Design

Located in the Mikata area of Tokyo, the off-kilter lofts look more like a McDonalds playground than residences meant for elderly adults.

Much like the very popular Nintendo DS game Brain Age,� each crazy-looking unit was designed to stimulate the senses far beyond what a typical older person is used to in their daily lives, keeping them nimble.


FructoseSlurping Cancer Could Sour the Soda Business

Soda and processed-food makers insist that all sugars are the same.

Yet with studies linking high fructose corn syrup to obesity, diabetes and, most recently, pancreatic cancer, big brands are quietly backing away from using the corn-based sweetener.


sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Well An Updated Guide for LowCarb Dieters

A new book takes a new look at the Atkins diet, focusing on the science rather than the controversy.


Innovative Cambered Tire Helps Saves Fuel Boost Handling

We already know that its possible to curb your fuel consumption just by having your tires properly inflated, or better yet, installing a set of low rolling-resistance tires, however, soon there may be an additional avenue to look at when picking the most fuel efficient rubber for your ride.


Doctors Behaving Badly Medical Boards Should Go Digital

In most states, detailed information about a doctors disciplinary, criminal or malpractice histories is either nonexistent or heavily redacted.

The worst states, in alphabetical order, are: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois and Kansas.


viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Scorpion Venom Could Help Treat Brain Cancer

Deathstalker scorpions produce a venom known as chlorotoxin.

Scientists have observed chlorotoxin binds with glioma cells, which are tumors found in the brain and spine. Test results showed by using venom-based nanoparticles, they could induce gene expression in almost twice as many glioma cells as nanoparticles without the scorpion venom...


Underground Allergy Treatment Center in Ukrainian Salt Mine

If you dread visiting the doctor's office, just imagine if you had to go into an underground salt mine to get treatment.

Hopefully the end of 'Jacob's Ladder' didn't affect you.


Hospital Gives Couple A Big Toe Instead of Fetus To Bury

About two hours after the burial service of their five-month-old fetus, the couple received a telephone call from the doctor stating that there was a mix-up and they were given a big toe instead of a fetus.


Video Best Street Dancing Ever

The talent of these dancers speaks volumes about the creativity of Oakland's youth.

Must see video.


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Top 10 Worlds Scariest Hikes

Lace up those hiking boots tight for these scary hikes.

Oh, and dont look down.


How Saunas Can Become Lethal

For most sauna enthusiasts, sitting in a steaming hot room is a relaxing, social or even spiritual experience.

But for the 100-plus people who sweated it out in this year's World Sauna Championships in Finland, sauna is a sport -- one that has raised eyebrows since its inception more than a decade ago.


Like Eating Fridge Magnets A Journey To PopTarts World

I would recommend people go check it out for the sake of seeing it and being like "Hey, i went to Pop-Tarts World" but gauge your expectations appropriately.

It's a store that sells Pop-Tarts, you know?


10 bizarre aircraft homes that youd love to live in

In a time when house prices everywhere look to be becoming less and less affordable, some people are resorting to extra ordinary measures.

This post shows just how those who want a roof over their heads but are looking for an alternative, and those with money but looking for something that little bit different get their relative kicks.


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8 Worst Foods on a Stick

Not everything in the world is made better simply by shoving a stick up its whatever.

If the food item in question is already as awful as possible, the stick will not save it. And if said item already comes with some sort of stick-like device of its own, a second stick is just overkill.


Ice Cream Social at YMCA Edwardsville

Ice Cream Social at YMCA Edwardsville.



Drugresistant staph infections on the decline in hospitals

The bacterial scourge methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can cause life-threatening infections that are difficult to beat with antibiotics.

Earlier this year, hospitals in France reported a decline in the rates of the infections after 15 years of concerted control efforts, and ongoing analyses from the U.K. have shown decreasing...


Is That A Cop Or A Fraud With A Fake Badge

That navy blue sedan behind you with the flashing blue light on the dash is probably a cop, but it could be a creep using police paraphernalia to get you to pull over.

Nearly every other week in America, a fraud uses a fake badge to enter someone's home or convince them to pull over on the highway. How to tell the difference? And what do you do?


Rio Prostitutes Fret Over City Revamp for World Cup 2014

Most Brazilians are proud their country will soon be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, but the workers in Vila Mimosa are upset.

Many of the 3,500 prostitutes working in this neighborhood feel that the government is embarrassed of their neighborhood and expect government officials to regulate the area.


martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

5 Ways to Have Sex with Inanimate Objects

Welcome to the world of object love where men put their penises inside entirely inappropriate pieces of machinery and ladies try to fit 110-story buildings between their legs.


Bangladesh bans school beatings

Beatings are widespread in Bangladeshi schools, even though human rights groups have been campaigning against them for years.

At a school in the south of the country, eight students were allegedly treated in a hospital after being caned for not bringing colored pencils to the school.


Understanding Google PageRank Infographic

Google PageRank in more depth.


Gene breakthrough raises hopes of meningitis vaccine

Genetic factors which make people more vulnerable to meningitis have been identified by scientists - raising hopes of developing a vaccine for the deadliest form of the disease.


Airline Steward at JFK Pulls Emergency Chute Flies Coop

A flight attendant on a plane that had just landed at Kennedy Airport on Monday afternoon ran out of patience only a few steps from the terminal gate, sources said.

He was "having a bad day."


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CloseUp Swimming in Bernes fastflowing city river

In the land-locked Swiss capital of Berne, the locals have found their own solution to the problem of finding somewhere for a refreshing dip when the temperatures rise.


10 Food Labels That Sound Healthier Than They Are

A list of some of the most misleading health claims on food products, plus what to look for instead.


15 Things You Can Make With Tampons oh yes there are pics

There's a big long explanation as to how I stumbled upon these tampon crafts.

Basically it involves me googling things you can make with a tampon. Just like that one time I typed in vagina jewelry.


China to Develop CarStraddling Bus Finally

One of the largest and most noticeable side-effects of a large population is, expectedly, larger amounts of traffic congestion.

With Chinas population climbing towards 1.5 billion, issues with transportation are top of mind. Though some people expect Chinas population to level soon, transportation needs must be met.


12 Suggestive and Creative Sexy Ads

Advertising often uses techniques such as suggestion; it is sometimes subtle, other times very noticeable.

Here are 12 of the most suggestive and creative sexy ads. [SFW]


domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Worlds Sexiest Hotel Showers

Design-forward hotel showers�with tech savvy touches or incredible views�that make a room worth booking.


Miami Residents Lead the Nation in Having Sex

People living in Miami have sex more frequently (and for longer) than residents of any other major U.S. city.


How to Take Calculated Risks

There is an abundance of conflicting advice online about starting and managing a business.

Offer free products or charge for them? Have a business plan or wing it? Take risks or plan things out? These are issues where people will never fully agree one way or the other.


How To Turn a Payphone Into a Library

Have an old phone booth in your neighborhood sitting empty? Fill it with books! Book booths are an easy way to acquire new books (for free), bring your community together and transform a neighborhood eyesore into a neighborhood gem.


Summer Reading for the Disenfranchised and Unemployed

If you do find yourself with a lot of free times on your hands, this book could get a little uncanny�being unemployed while reading a book about what its like to be unemployed.


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7 Sexfacts you never knew

Do you believe that your bedroom life is on an all time high, thanks to the immense knowledge you have about sex? Well, we bring you seven never-heard-before facts about the S word, which are sure to leave you thinking...


Vaginal gel shows promise in protecting women from HIV

For the first time, an HIV-prevention drug made just for women has proved effective.

It "could potentially fill an important HIV prevention gap, especially for women unable to successfully negotiate mutual monogamy or condom use," the researchers wrote in the journal Science this week.


5 People Youll Definitely See at the Sturgis Bike Rally

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off in a few days.

If you're planning to go, here are five people you should expect to see when you get there. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Teachers sue the pants off Milwaukee to get Viagra covered

With the district in a financial crisis and hundreds of its members facing layoffs, the Milwaukee teachers union is fighting to get their taxpayer-funded Viagra back.

The union has asked a judge to order the school board to again include Pfizer's erectile dysfunction drug and similar pills in its health insurance plan.


viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

The Benefits of Pissing People Off

Colin Powell makes the case: pissing people off is both inevitable and necessary.

This doesnt mean that the goal is pissing people off. Pissing people off doesnt mean youre doing the right things, but doing the right things will almost inevitably piss people off.


Cars with the Most Sex Appeal Under 25K

Five new cars that are seriously seductive and wont break the bank.


Obama Auto Ind Not Just Rebounding on Track To Be World 1

President Barack Obama on Thursday described a remarkable turnaround for domestic automakers in an industry on the brink of collapse when he took office, thanks to federal taxpayer help and industry adaptation.


IHOP Mascot Gets Assaulted Outside Restaurant

I imagine that dressing up as the mascot of a restaurant is probably one of the least fun jobs in the food service industry and thats why it pains me to see Suzie Pancake get roughed up by a thug, right outside her own IHOP.


Quitting Smoking What your body goes through

After just one puff, a cigarette takes an unhealthy toll on your body.


jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

How Zombies And Steampunk Explain Society

The infatuation with zombies and steampunk is fueled by a pessimism over the current state of affairs.


DIY genetic test firms face new rules

Firms that sell DIY genetic tests for conditions such as Huntingdon's disease are facing tougher guidelines to prevent customers receiving incorrect information about their health.


Teen Raped After Being Used by School as Bait

One of the very sad lessons from this story is to never, ever, ever trust adults.


28 Amazingly Beautiful Digital Painting Portraits [Pics]

Digital painting is the latest art form that originated from some of the more conventional painting methods including watercolor, oil, and impasto paintings.....


Get Lean Program

With ratings like these this could be a product to go for - it deserves serious consideration. ... Although this is a stellar product, you......
Lose weight fast with Belinda Benn's personal and proven 3 phase fat burning nutrition plan
Check out the full story :

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The Hazards Of Cynicism Mens Health

Hypersuccessful men in sports, business, and entertainment all lack a trait you may possess -- Men's Health explores the hazards of cynicism.


A Smoothie Made Out Of Cheeseburgers

This funny new Jamba Juice commercial advertises a Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie


General Motors Invests in a Bright Idea

Let the puns begin...


Thomas DeLorenzo A Preexisting Condition Can Wreck Your Wh

Early last year, I finally decided to take the plunge and go back to school and move my life in a completely new direction.

I had decided to go to law school and study health policy law.


Corn byproduct fuels cancer cell growth study finds

Pancreatic tumor cells use fructose to divide and proliferate, U.S. researchers said on Monday in a study that challenges the common wisdom that all sugars are the same.


martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Wine Vlogging How Not To Do It [Vid]

Soapy? Floral? A little bit of leather? Hints of venison?! Are they even talking about wine anymore? Here's a compilation of bizarre and pretentious wine 'connoisseurs' uncorking the mysteries of the bottle.


Great Sex Workout 5min Workout Thatll Spice Your Sex Life

These five easy yoga moves will strengthen those oh-so-handy-to-have-in-the-bedroom muscles.


Computer Stress Top Five Ways to Beat IT

With an overwhelming 97% of people who work in IT claiming that they feel stressed on a daily basis, a few calming influences are definitely needed for a tough day at the office.

Most people already have their own way of relaxing at home, so here are five sure-fire ways to unwind while still at your place of work.


America in Color from 19391943 [PICS]

These images, by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, are some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression on Americas rural and small town populations.

The photographs are the property of the Library of Congress and were included in a 2006 exhibit Bound for Glory: America in Color.

Source: dp-blogs-captured (Denver Post: Blogs: Captured Photo Blog)&utm

Measuring Hospital Quality Visualization

How healthy are our hospitals? Use the drop down menu to explore how the hospitals in your state are performing and click on each hospital to learn more.


lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Look at your suburbs now back at me PIC

Ah, Copenhagen.


Otakon Where Fashion Meets Fantasy

Dressing like a rogue Catholic priest in search of demons and vampires created by Nazis might not immediately evoke thoughts of fashion�let alone pay homage to East Asian culture.

But Marylander Andrew Swetz thinks he is doing just that each year as he dresses in Asian comic book-inspired outfits at Otakon, a three-day in Baltimore.


BBC News Herpes virus used to treat cancer

UK doctors report the successful use of a genetically engineered herpes virus to treat patients with head and neck cancer in a phase I/II study.


Green light to treat humans with stem cells

The world's first experiments using embryonic stem cells to treat humans have been given the go-ahead in America, with clinical trials to be held on patients with spinal cord injuries.


Titanic 100th anniversary cruise attracts vacationers

The 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Belfast-built Titanic will be marked by a cruise retracing the ship's final journey.

Although the ship will not leave Southhampton until April 8 2012, the cruise company has already sold over 80 percent of their tickets.


domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

DIY Detroit A HandsOn Approach to Fixing the Auto Industry

TechShop, a chain of D.I.Y. clubs, plans to open a new shop in Detroit with Ford's help.


First Marijuana School To Open In New England

The New England School of Alternative Horticultural Studies, a Rhode Island-based medical marijuana training center, announced the September launch of its basic medical marijuana training class in Warwick, R.I., which it said is the first professional medical marijuana training class in the northeastern United States.


Columbus Insists Theres Lots of There There

There May Be 'No Better Place,' but There Is a Better Slogan


Jeff Nishinakas Amazing Mix of Painting and Sculpturing

Jeff Nishinaka is artist who got some pretty unique idea to create artworks which cannot be classified as paintings but neither they cannot be classified...


The 10 Worst Chain Restaurants to Take a First Date

If you want a second date, skip these.