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Researchers find genetic variants modify the risk of breast cancer

Individuals with disrupting mutations in the BRCA1 gene are known to be at substantially increased risk of breast cancer throughout their lives.

Now, discoveries from an international research team led by Mayo Clinic researchers show that some of those persons may possess additional genetic variants that modify their risk. These new findings enhancing individualized medicine appear in the current Nature Genetics.


Photos From Around the World on Parking Day 2010

See pictures from around the world of Park(ing) Day, the annual celebration that sees people turn parking spaces into temporary parks.


The Most Bizarre Rituals in Human History

Although most of these have ceased, some of these rather gruesome rituals are still being practiced in third world countries. And after reading through some of these, youll be quite glad you live in the modern world.


The 25 Best Hangover Foods and Drinks

Last nights rager was epic.

So epic that you literally cant remember any of it. But you wake up, and your head feels like someone has been trying to open it manually with some kind of axe. Food time.


The 25 Best Hangover Foods and Drinks

Last nights rager was epic.

So epic that you literally cant remember any of it. But you wake up, and your head feels like someone has been trying to open it manually with some kind of axe. Food time.


Instant SprayOn Clothing in a Can Redefines Fast Fashion Video

Spanish fashion designer-cum-Phd Manel Torres has invented spray-on clothing that has a number of applications beyond fashion.


Instant SprayOn Clothing in a Can Redefines Fast Fashion Video

Spanish fashion designer-cum-Phd Manel Torres has invented spray-on clothing that has a number of applications beyond fashion.


12 of the Best US Farmers Markets

These are some of the best farmers markets in the United States, from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.


Warning Bisphosphonates to prevent osteoporosis double the risk of esophageal cancer

(NaturalNews) In a series of television commercials, actress Sally Fields has long promoted the drug Boniva as a wonderful and super easy way to treat and prevent the bone robbing disease known as osteoporosis. Just pop a pill once a month and stay strong, youthful and energetic like Sally, the ads imply. The trouble is, Boniva and other drugs in the class of medications known as oral bisphosphonates not only have a host of side effects, including heartburn and diarrhea and constipation, now scientists have found out these medications can be deadly. Research just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows the drugs double the risk of esophageal cancer.Bisphosphonates (which, along with Boniva, include Fosamax, Actonel and Didronel), are the most commonly recommended and prescribed Big Pharma drugs for post-menopausal bone loss. And as they've grown in widespread use, troublesome case reports have mounted suggesting people who take oral bisphosphonates for osteoporosis are developing esophageal cancer far more often than would be expected. In fact, a letter to the editor by an FDA official published last year in The New England Journal of Medicine warned that these drugs might be linked to esophageal cancer -- and, in some cases, the drugs were suspected of causing deaths from bisphosphonate-linked malignancies.However, despite the huge numbers of people, mostly women, taking the drugs, no large study looking specifically at the potential cancer-causing risk of bisphosphonates has been conducted until now. Researchers from the University of Oxford's Cancer Epidemiology Unit and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom (UK) have carried out large-scale research to finally investigate whether bisphosphonates are a cancer risk. The research team analyzed data from the UK General Practice Research Database on men and women over aged 40 years -- 2,954 with esophageal cancer; 2,018 with stomach cancer and 10,641 with colorectal (bowel) cancer diagnosed between 1995 and 2005. Then each case was compared with five controls who were matched for age, sex, and other factors.The results showed that those who had taken 10 or more prescriptions of bisphosphonate drugs -- or who had taken the medications for about five years -- had about double the risk of esophageal cancer compared with people who had not taken bisphosphonates. Usually, esophageal cancer develops in one per 1000 people between the ages of 60 and 79 over five years. But based on their findings, the UK scientists estimated that when oral bisphosphonates are taken for five years, the rate of esophageal cancer increases to two cases per 1000 people.A previous study found no increased risk of esophageal cancer with oral bisphosphonate drugs, but the new report tracked patients for nearly twice as long and is considered far more statistically significant than the earlier research."Bisphosphonates are being increasingly prescribed to prevent fractures, and what is lacking is reliable information on the benefits and risks of their use in the long term," the study's lead author, Dr Jane Green, said in a statement to the media.In an accompanying editorial, Dr Diane Wysowski, a FDA epidemiologist wrote: "The possibility of adverse effects on the esophagus should prompt doctors who prescribe these drugs to consider risks versus benefits." She also urged doctors to "tell patients to report difficulty in swallowing and throat, chest, or digestive discomfort so that they can be promptly evaluated and possibly advised to discontinue the drug."For more information:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20813820

Via: http://www.NaturalNews.com

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Wampa Cake

Star Wars fan Alicia Policia is celebrating her 30th birthday alongside The Empire Strikes Backs 30th anniversary in geektastic style with this awesome Wampa Cake


Investigators found the combination of drugs can treat TBI

Investigators found the combination of drugs can treat TBI
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health problem in the United States. Recent data show that approximately 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury annually. While the majority of TBIs are concussions or other mild forms, traumatic brain injuries contribute to a substantial number of deaths and cases of permanent disability.


What does the USDA Organic label really mean Video

Find out the basics of what is behind the USDA's certified organic label.


Meet The Fishbowl Sink

the water in the fish's bowl goes down, reminding you not to be wasteful, lest the fishy-wishy runs out of water to swim in, and, um, dies.


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White Collar Job Professional Athlete Physique

The inspiring story of how an investment banker working 100 hour weeks developed an athletes body.


7 Great Foods That Were Created Thanks to Dick Moves

Actually, a lot of your favorite foods were created thanks to incompetence, laziness, or just plain simple douchebaggery.


Best and Worst Top 10 Most Inflammatory and AntiInflammatory Foods

We all know when something is inflamed.

But, what about inflammation on the inside of our bodies? Internal inflammation can happen for a host of different reasons: high temperatures when cooking food, eating processed foods, sugar, trans fats, etc.


Development aid for maternal newborn and child doubled in five years

Health experts will today call for a greater prioritization and targeting of aid to save the lives of mothers, newborns, and children in poor countries.


1000 hackers gather in Budapest

1000 hackers gather in Budapest
Hacktivity 2010, the largest computer hackers' conference in eastern Europe, kicked off Saturday, with some 1,000 participants expected to attend the two-day event, according to organisers.


The Worlds Most FashionSavvy Hotels

Ever since the House of Versace opened a gilded palazzo hotel on Australia's Gold Coast in 2000, other designer brands have followed suit, turning their creative talents to dressing spacious suites as well as size 0 frames.


Lego Fits Perfectly In Real Life Fun Video

With those plastic Lego bricks, anyone can build anything.

That's the idea captured in this video, made by Temujin Doran, where those beautiful little Lego creations are placed seamlessly (sort of) in the real world.


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Top 10 Ways to Organize and Streamline Your Workspace

Whether you work from home, work in an office, or just a cubicle down the hall, you spend most of the day at your workspace.

Here are some of the best ways to keep it from becoming a productivity nightmare.


Teach the individual medical

Doctors can be taught to listen better to individual circumstances that may affect patient care, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine.

The findings are reported in the Sept. 15 issue of JAMA.


25 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays PICS

Weather its spicing up a party or just chilling down on a hot summer afternoon, the ice cube is here to stay and so why not give ourselves designer choices.

Here are 25 creative ice trays giving different angles to the ice cube, certainly far from conventional.


American workers switch from cocaine to opiates prescription drug of choice

(NaturalNews) When most people hear reports about illicit drug use at work, they probably assume they are talking about things like marijuana and cocaine.

But a new report shows that most of today's workers and job applicants have ditched the street drugs and now take prescription pain pills instead -- and these pills are causing more accident-related injuries and deaths than ever.It used to be that drug users hit the streets to get their drug of choice. But today, getting high is as easy as hitting up your local pharmacy. According to a new report by Quest Diagnostics Inc., a Madison, Wisc.-based diagnostic testing company, prescription opiate use among American workers and job applicants has increased by 40 percent since 2005, and is only continuing to rise.Prescription opiates like hydrocodone, oxycodone and hydromorphone, are among the most commonly abused opiate drugs, and they can be relatively easy to obtain. But these drugs are very similar in nature to cocaine and can cause the same problems, including severe injuries that require emergency hospitalization, and even death."Because more U.S. workers are performing their duties while taking prescription opiates, employers, particularly those with safety-sensitive workers, should note this trend and take appropriate steps to ensure worker and public safety," said Dr. Barry Sample, director of science and technology at Quest, in a statement regarding the study.Though cocaine use dropped nearly 30 percent between 2008 and 2009, prescription opiate use made up for the difference.


Americas top party schools

Back to school is here.

Back to beer is now. It's time for the Princeton Review's annual Best Colleges rankings. This year's top party schools? read on...


20 Awful Automobile Fails PICS

It takes unique blend of stupidity and carelessness to wreck cars in unexplainable ways.

Drivers with this blend exist wherever there are cars. And cars are everywhere.


Bed St Debuts Oil Spill Shoes to Benefit Gulf Coast Cleanup Efforts

The shoemakers at Bed St� are launching a splotchy range of shoes meant to evoke the Gulf Oil spill�plus, 100 percent of profits will go to restoring wildlife in the region.


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At What Age Should I Begin Giving My Child an Allowance

At what age should you begin giving your child an allowance? How much should you give them (or spend on a present) for their 16th birthday? When should they get their first credit card? Finally, if you could go back 10 years and give your younger self a lesson about money -- what would it be?


You be the judge When it hurts Help

Read more about this interesting rd.com article.


One more reason to be terrified of sex Bedbugs

Sex advice from bed bug survivors


Manscaping The Dos and Donts

To groom or not to groom? The hetero male often faces this question alone.

We realize that dudes can't talk to their bros about this important issue so where are they to find guidance? Turn to the ladies. Or more specifically, this lady, who has graciously provided a list of Dos and Don'ts when it comes to the necessary and very tricky world of manscaping.


How Americans ARENT Spending Their Time Graphic

In 2009 Americans spent 9.1% less time working than they did in 2007.

This is no doubt in large part due to the unemployment rate doubling from 5% to 10% during the period. So what are Americans doing with the extra minutes? Not much.


What is the Etiquette for Opening a Revolving Door for a Woman

My understanding is that when a man approaches a revolving door with a woman, the man should go first and push the door so the woman can simply walk through.

Sounds good in theory...


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Researchers find mechanism behind the development of cleft palate

Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found a new mechanism that explains why a certain gene mutation causes craniofrontonasal syndrome (CFNS), a disorder that causes cleft palate and other malformations in the face, brain, and skeleton.

Cleft palate affects one of every 1,000 newborns. The research is published in the September 15 issue of Genes & Development.


St My Brain Says as a Man

Women love to ask trick questions.

When confronted with this situation, be sure to think a bit before answering.


5 ways to make your bedroom a stressfree Oasis

How to keep your bedroom a sanctuary from the outside world.


Waitrose No Suction Necessary to Slip You More Meat

UK retailer Waitrose has cut its meat packaging in half, using new "snip and slide" bags to stuff the meat. Since they are not vacuum-packed, customer simply cut them open and slip out the meat.


6 Controversial Tourist Attractions

Six spots that have become tourist destinations because of their disturbing past (or present), to consider whether there's a lesson to be learned or if it's merely a case of tasteless tourism.


Man Gets 2nd DUI of the Night in Stolen Cop Car

Adam Segura decided to make the night interesting for the cops.


Survey Chefs Sometimes Sabotage Vegan Dishes with Meat

Chefs copped to stealing ideas, recycling bread and sabotaging orders sent back by adding meat products.


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Be sure to remember not to lick your wrist Pic

It's actually a pretty good idea.

Sort of.


His next MRI is life

(NaturalNews) Patients who undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are often given drug injections to enhance the quality of scan images.

But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that these drugs will now require a black box warning label--the strongest in the industry--because they can cause a rare, and sometimes fatal, condition known as nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NFD).The drugs contain a magnetic, metallic chemical called gadolinium that travels throughout the heart and other organs to help clarify image quality during scans. Gadolinium is a known liver toxin that is also harmful to the unhealthy kidneys, but the FDA has permitted its use in medical imaging drugs since 1988.Symptoms of NFD include skin hardening as well as tissue growth in the eyes, internal organs and joints.Seven MRI drugs containing gadolinium have been approved by the FDA, and all can cause NFD in patients with kidney disease. But three in particular are "chemically more unstable" than the others, according to the FDA, meaning they are more likely to release the toxic chemical into the liver. These three are Bayer Healthcare's Magnevist, General Electric Healthcare's Omniscan and Covidien's Optimark.Rather than pull the drug, the FDA is requiring stronger labeling that instructs physicians to use the drug only on patients who have healthy kidneys.


13 Most Incredible Steampunk Gas Masks

Leatherwork studio Bob Basset and artist Tom Banwell both focus on steampunk art works.

By repurposing something as practical as a gas mask, the form is turned into something fantastic.


Diagnosed Douchebags

If you watch the Jersey Shore or for that matter no anyone who pops their collar or GTL's on regular basis then you'll be more than familiar with qualities of a classic Douche bag!


10 Animal Parts You Probably Didnt Know Were Food [Pics]

Who's up for some frog heart and ant larvae? Yummy


11 Superfoods for Weight Loss

These nutritious foods will satisfy your appetite and help you get to your ideal weight.

These meals and snacks are loaded with the nutrients your body needs and that will keep those hunger pangs at bay.


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Update on BMWs Mystery DONTBLOGABOUTTHIS 6series Mule

This may only mark the first update to the mysterious BMW coupe, which is seemingly (at least for now) based on a current-gen 6-Series, but the lack of quality images, video or information is already proving to be quite frustrating.


Top Five Backpack Foods

As we head back to school, off to jobs, or even out into the wild this fall, we all know we need a form of sustenance that can fit in a laptop case, survive six weeks of neglect, and still prove edible when rediscovered several miles into a day.


What S your greatest fear Around the world with a question

Read more about this interesting rd.com article.


10 Most Ridiculous Redneck Car Mods [Pics]

If you want to do any one of these 10 things to your vehicle, there's just a chance you might be a redneck.


Geekiest Coffee Table Youll See All Day

Geeky gadgets are in, right? I mean, you've got Atari Wall Decals and Space Invaders Packing Tape, so why not, then, have a full on NES as a coffee table?


Corn Refiners Association wants to change the name of corn syrup high fructose corn sugar

(NaturalNews) Consumers have largely ignored every marketing effort by the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) to "health-wash" high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as being the same as all other forms of sugar.

But the group refuses to give up. According to the Associated Press, CRA is now petitioning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow it to change the name of the highly-processed, controversial sweetener to "corn sugar" in yet another attempt to convince the public to accept it.No matter how you look at it, HFCS is a highly-processed, unnatural form of refined sugar that inflicts a heavy burden on the liver. Besides being derived from corn, of which the vast majority is genetically-modified (GM), HFCS is linked to metabolic syndrome, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.Last year, studies also found that at least half of commercial HFCS contains high levels of toxic mercury due to the extensive chemical refining process necessary to produce the sweetener. Nearly a third of the HFCS-containing breads, cereals, sodas and other consumer foods tested as part of the study showed up positive for mercury.Despite the overwhelming evidence showing that HFCS is harmful to health, CRA is determined to convince the public otherwise.


25 Crazy Traffic Stop Videos

Being pulled over by the police really sucks.

But as bad as it may be for us, sometimes, it's even worse for the police. Here are 25 incredible traffic stop videos.


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Misfolded neuronal proteins linked to autism disorders

An international team of scientists, led by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, has identified misfolding and other molecular anomalies in a key brain protein associated with autism spectrum disorders.


Health workers to be fired if they refuse flu shots group medical claims opinion

(NaturalNews) Forget the U.S.

Constitution. Forget basic human rights. Forget the fact that research shows flu shots don't work most of the time (http://www.naturalnews.com/029641_vaccines_junk_science.html). A group of the nation's leading infectious disease experts are demanding forced vaccinations for all healthcare workers.That's no exaggeration, either. A position paper just released by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) calls for mandatory flu vaccine for all healthcare personnel.


Mazda To Unveil New BT50 Pickup in Australia

Mazda's global-market B-Series pickup is due for a refresh; enter the BT-50 truck set to debut in October.


RIP The American Man 17762010

Even the great Tom Brady rocks a Justin Bieber side-sweep haircut.


1952A Day in the Life of a Little Girl by Norman Rockwell Pic

...sweet pics....


Blasphemy Panamera is Porsches topselling vehicle

When Porsche first announced that it would be producing a four-door hatchback Gran Turismo model purists around the world cried blasphemy and said it shouldn't even be considered.


Islamophobia in America

"The great majority of Americans do not know much about Islam but nonetheless fear it as violent, expansionist and alien to their society.

The problem to overcome is not hatred, but ignorance." -Tariq Ramadan


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Beautiful Moments Captured in Cold Photographs

Today, we are showing you Beautiful Moments Captured in Cold (Photographs).

I be grateful for to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts, imaginations and creativity to give us a chance to see these photographic wonders from their creative eyes.


Lon Chaney Vs Dov Charney

Sometimes it's just good form to compare two famous men with really similar names.

I would posit that Dov Charney, the owner and founder of American Apparel is as much of a character as Lon Chaney, the man of many faces. You be the judge.


The top 10 sexiest accents around the world

For some reason folks worldwide don't dig all our crazy 'merican accents. And Americans care about worldwide opinion because?


Like humans fungi generate vitamin D when exposed to sunlight

(NaturalNews) Food companies are beginning to capitalize on a little known capability of mushrooms: like humans, they synthesize vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet radiation like that in sunlight.Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps the body form and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

More recent research has shown that it helps regulate the immune system, lowering the risk of infection, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases. Yet as fear of skin cancer has grown and populations have become more sedentary, exposure to sunlight has dropped dramatically and vitamin D deficiency has surged."There's a better understanding of importance of vitamin D in human health," said Tara McHugh, a mushroom researcher at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.The skin cannot synthesize vitamin D if covered in sunscreen. But dietary sources, such as fortified milk or fatty fish, cannot really provide enough of the nutrient for optimal health. Three ounces of mushrooms exposed to a short burst of ultraviolet radiation, in contrast, contain a fully daily dose of the vitamin, more than three times the amount found in a cup of fortified milk.


Cisco Westcon pay 48 million in case of overload

Cisco Systems and Westcon Group North America have agreed to pay 48 million dollars to settle an overcharging case, the Justice Department said Tuesday.


Volkswagen Names New US Chief

Volkswagen of America has been without a CEO since Stefan Jacoby resigned earlier this year, but a report from the Wall Street Journal suggests the American arm of the German automaker will have a new leader as early as tomorrow.


Cannabis Rx Cutting Through the Misinformation

After more than 70 years of misinformation about this botanical remedy, I am delighted that we are finally gaining a mature understanding of its immense therapeutic potential.


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New GM CEO to receive 9M in Compensation

General Motors has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission outlining the total compensation schedule for Dan Akerson, GM's latest CEO, which calls for a total of $9 million to be paid in various forms over the next three years.


Superbugs approach the top of the microbiology major meet

Serious public health risks due to a lack of new antibiotics at a time of rising antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" will be the main focus of a top microbiology conference in Boston that starts Sunday.


Cool Gun Shot Pic

Cool Gun Shot (Pic)


How Should I Start Paying Off 80000 In Student Loans

If you have student loans, chances are youve got questions about them.


Japans Namba Parks Has an 8 Level Roof Garden with Waterfalls

Built in the footprint of the old Osaka baseball stadium, the awesome development, which was completed in 2003 by the Jerde Partnership, has an eight level rooftop garden that spans several city blocks and features tree groves, rock clusters, cliffs and canyons, lawns, streams, waterfalls, ponds and even space to grow veggies.


If This Kid Can Smile So Can You PIC

This is a truly inspiring photo.

This just shows the tremendous strength and courage that can be mustered by a child.


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Would you take Tylenol Heartache

Research on acetaminophen suggests that the pain relieving drug could work on more than just muscle aches and pains.

Is this the right way to deal with emotions?


Surefire Delta Folding Survival Knife

It's definitely one of the more expensive multi-tools we've written about, but it's also one of the most hardcore.

The Surefire Delta Folding Survival Knife ($435) features a Crucible CPM...


10 Things Not to Do in London

London is a city with a whole lot of self-confidence.

While some destinations have had to tighten their belts during the recession, this trendsetting metropolis continues to captivate a never-ending stream of visitors with new hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and galleries.


Mental health disability leaves more expensive for Canadian employers

Mental illness is associated with more lost work days than any other chronic condition, costing the Canadian economy $51 billion annually in lost productivity.

In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have calculated the actual cost of mental health leave and found that on average it's double the cost of a leave for a physical illness.


Does Prep Mean Anything In 2010

Debating the pseudo-sequel to The Official Preppy Handbook


Daimler Cerberus sued by former workers over lost pensions

Like many former bond holders from General Motors, over 450 former Chrysler workers learned the hard way that "guaranteed" doesn't always mean guaranteed.


How Climate Change Could Impact Your Beer Consumption

SABMiller is concerned about climate change -- specificially about its impact on water in the production and consumption of beer. The company has released a study on the impact of its "water footprint" on breweries in four countries.


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16 Food Items That Could Make a Bulimic Fat

Some of these items provide a full days worth of calories, sodium and fat in just a few bites and if that isnt enough they are often times disguised as healthy choices.

You might be surprised to see that not all of these come from fast food restaurants either.


10 Things You Didnt Know About Bedbugs

With bedbug outbreaks so common they're hardly even newsworthy anymore, people are on high alert for the tiny insects.

But with increased awareness comes an onslaught of rumors, myths and flat-out fallacies.


Indonesian volcano erupts again

(AP) -- An Indonesian volcano has shot black ash three miles (5,000 meters) into the air early - its most powerful eruption since springing back to life after four centuries of dormancy.


Researchers Skeptical of Claims by Online Dating Sites

With an estimated 40 percent of the 100 million U.S. singles trying online dating, researchers at the University of Arkansas caution users that some Web sites� claims of scientific justification may be �junk science.�


Why Working Standing Up is Good for Your Productivity and Health

If you sit all day in front of a computer screen (and I suspect many of you reading this probably do), heres some information that might bring you to your feet.


FDA39s censorship of nutritional science threatens the health of all Americans

(NaturalNews) Concerned about breast cancer? There are three nutrients that virtually eliminate your risk of the disease, even if you carry "breast cancer genes." Wondering how to cure arthritis? A combination of four different nutrients virtually eliminates arthritis symptoms. Afraid of diabetes? Five different nutrients, all available right now, can help prevent diabetes for mere pennies a day.And that's just the beginning...Nutritional cures exist for nearly every major disease, but the FDA doesn't want you to know about them. So it has censored truthful, scientifically-proven information about these substances in order to keep you ignorant about nutritional cures.Watch my short public service announcement to see more (38 seconds): http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=544BD1D89A151956D37B2A70A55F4BA1When one U.S. company offering cherry concentrates began linking to government-funded studies that concluded cherries reduce the symptoms of arthritis, they received a threatening letter from the FDA, demanding they remove the links from their website or face "criminal prosecution." (http://www.naturalnews.com/019366.html)Similarly, the FDA went on the attack to censor the truth about walnuts, claiming that "walnuts are unapproved drugs" when they are accompanied by truthful, scientific descriptions about their benefits for heart health (http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/FDA-Says-Walnuts-Are-Illegal-Drugs.htm).Diamond Foods, a distributor of walnuts, posted a collection of peer-reviewed scientific evidence on its website that described the health benefits of walnuts. In return, here's part of the utterly illogical set of demands Diamond Foods received from the FDA which claim that "walnuts are drugs"..."Based on our review, we have concluded that your walnut products are in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and the applicable regulations in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR). ...Based on claims made on your firm's website, we have determined that your walnut products are promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease. ...Because of these intended uses, your walnut products are drugs within the meaning of section 201 (g)(1)(B) of the Act [21 U.S.C. � 321(g)(B)]. Your walnut products are also new drugs under section 201(p) of the Act [21 U.S.C. � 321(p)] because they are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced conditions. Therefore, under section 505(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. � 355(a)], they may not be legally marketed with the above claims in the United States without an approved new drug application."In other words, telling the truth about walnuts turns you into a criminal according to the FDA. And if you tell the scientifically-validated truth about how walnuts can help reduce high cholesterol, that act magically transforms your walnuts into unapproved drugs.And much the same is true when you're talking about green tea or pomegranates or superfoods. If you dare discuss the health benefits of any food or natural substance while you are selling such items, you will be branded a criminal by the FDA, threatened with criminal prosecution and potentially have your company raided by the FDA along with armed law enforcement agents with guns drawn.Only junk foods are good for youAt the same time the FDA is attacking health foods, it openly allows ridiculous health claims on processed dead junk foods. Frito-Lay potato chips, for example, are allowed to carry claims that they are "heart healthy."So while genuinely health foods like walnuts and pomegranates cannot make health claims, processed dead foods like potato chips may openly carry FDA-approved health claims!Are you following this yet? Real food is bad for you. But junk food is good for you. That's what the FDA wants you to believe.The FDA, you see, doesn't want you to learn the truth about healthy foods. This agency wants you to remain as ignorant as possible about the scientifically-validated health benefits of natural foods, supplements and superfoods while allowing you to be inundated with false and misleading health claims on processed dead junk foods like potato chips.And can you guess the point of all this? It's fairly obvious, isn't it? The point is to keep Americans in a never-ending state of chronic degenerative disease that will result in a windfall of profits for the drug companies the FDA actually serves.This is why natural food producers aren't allowed to even link to scientific articles about their foods. The FDA, you see, is in the business of censoring nutritional science.See more in my short video: http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=544BD1D89A151956D37B2A70A55F4BA1Can't tell the truth about green tea, eitherOn August 30, 2010, the FDA sent warning letters to manufacturers of green tea beverages, warning them about making health claims about green tea. One such beverage made by Canada Dry carried a claim that the drink is "enhanced with 200 mg of antioxidants from green tea and vitamin C."In its threatening warning letter, the FDA insisted that green tea and vitamin C "are not nutrients with recognized antioxidant activity." (http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gPahcLPBLnbdWEyGVIiV9P4en0FQD9I38FIO0)Huh? Vitamin C isn't an antioxidant? That's funny, because outside the halls of the FDA offices, vitamin C has antioxidant activity and properties. The laws of chemistry, apparently, are suspended within the FDA's jurisdiction. All the universal laws of physics cease to exist when the FDA is in charge, and they are instead replaced with the FDA's distorted opinions of what those laws should actually be. Antioxidants don't exist. Vitamins are inert substances. Foods contain no medicine. Only pharmaceuticals have biological effects within the human body. These are the far-fetched laws of the universe according to the FDA.In its never-ending march on nutritional science, the FDA also went after Lipton teas, whose website linked to four scientific studies concluding that green tea has a cholesterol-lowering effect. The FDA warned the Lipton company to remove the links, claiming that they were "misleading" and were effectively making claims that Lipton tea could treat a "disease."But what if green tea really can help prevent a disease and the FDA just doesn't want you to know about it? That's actually the case with many plant-based nutrients that have powerful protective effects against disease. But according to the FDA's official position, there is no such thing as a food, nutrient or supplement that can prevent or treat any disease.Vitamin C doesn't prevent scurvy. Vitamin D doesn't prevent rickets. Vitamin B3 doesn't prevent pellagra, according to the FDA. Vitamins are biologically useless substances unless they're patented by drug companies in which case they are magically transformed into "therapeutic chemicals" that may be sold to patients at monopoly prices.The FDA actually believes that fresh, unprocessed foods have no health benefits whatsoever. That's why no health claims are allowed on such things. But dead processed foods like breakfast cereals can prevent disease, according to the FDA. That's why the agency has allowed such products to carry a multitude of health claims.It's all part of the FDA's censorship of science about nutrients, foods and supplements. Rather than promoting real scientific knowledge, the FDA is censoring the science to keep the public as ignorant as possible.In this way, the FDA is an enemy of nutritional literacy because it aims to keep people in the dark about the health benefits of foods, supplements and nutrients.And because nutritional literacy is crucial to the long-term survival of America, the FDA, through its campaign of enforced nutritional illiteracy, is effectively an enemy of America. The agency has already accomplished incalculable harm to America's population and her economy. And the FDA is just getting warmed up! Now it wants to "step up its enforcement" of so-called "false" food labeling. This is just a cover story to clamp down on truthful health claims the FDA wants to censor.It is through scientific censorship policies like those practiced at the FDA that America may fall to ignorance, disease and medical bankruptcy. The FDA is actually accelerating America's downfall by isolating people from the nutritional knowledge that could prevent disease, reduce health care costs and save billions of dollars in unnecessary medical costs.For example, can you imagine the cost savings alone if we as a nation could prevent just one percent of all cancers? According to the National Institutes of Health, cancer costs the USA $228.1 billion in 2008. That's nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars.Now imagine the savings if we could find a miracle nutrient that could reduce all cancers by three-quarters? That would save America $171 billion per year (not to mention saving human lives at the same time).And here's the good news: Such a nutrient already exists! It's cheap, safe and readily available. But the American Cancer Society won't talk about it, the FDA won't approve it and your doctor almost certainly won't recommend it. Want to know what it is? Read this article if you don't already know: http://www.naturalnews.com/021892.htmlHow to end the FDA's reign of ignorance and censorship of nutritional scienceFirst off, I highly recommend reading Jonathan Emord's outstanding book on this subject entitled Global Censorship of Health Information (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0982059531).This is a hugely important book on the subject from one of the industry's intellectual giants: attorney Jonathan Emord.Secondly, if you're in the USA, support the Free Speech about Science Act, a new effort to end FDA censorship over truthful, scientifically-validated health claims for vitamins, foods and nutritional supplements. Click the following link to learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/028879_censorship_healing_foods.htmlFinally, recognize that we are beginning to defeat the FDA in court. In particular, the Alliance for Natural Health recently emerged victorious against the FDA in court over the agency's effort to censor truthful information about how selenium can reduce your risk of cancer. (http://www.naturalnews.com/028929_FDA_health_claims.html)Now we need more companies to stand up to FDA tyranny and take this rogue agency to court in order to stop its campaign of censorship and oppression against the natural products industry.Just to be clear about what is a valid health claimJust to be clear, in no way am I advocating that natural products companies should be able to just think up whatever health claims they want and emblazon their product packages with such things. We need to insist that health claims be "scientifically validated."For example, if a cherry company could cite five studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that conclude cherries can help ease the symptoms of arthritis, then it should be perfectly acceptable for that company to place corresponding claims on its packaging: "Cherries have been shown to reduce the symptoms of arthritis." (With an appropriate citation on its website that points to the qualifying scientific studies.)Almost everyone who believes in common sense would agree that this is a sensible approach to allowing health claims on foods and supplements. Yet the FDA's position is that foods and supplements are not allowed to carry any health claims -- even if such claims are scientifically validated and true!The FDA absurdly insists that no food, no herb, no vitamin and no supplement can possibly have any biological effect on the human body... and if it does, then that magically transforms it into a "drug" requiring $400 million in testing and clinical trials before it can be approved by the FDA. And even then, it would only be available by prescription.Do you see the catch-22 here? It's sort of like the old "floating witch" test in the witch hunt days: If you float, you're a witch and you get burned at the stake. If you sink, you die but you are declared innocent.The FDA pulls the same thing with nutritional supplements: If it doesn't work, then it's inert and will be tolerated. But if it actually works, then it's now a "drug" and will be outlawed as an "unapproved drug."I'm not making this up. This is precisely how the FDA operates at present.It's a logic trap that I believe has been specifically designed to discredit the entire nutritional supplements industry while promoting the "benefits" of pharmaceuticals -- most of which we now know were falsified through pure scientific fraud, by the way.Watch my short video to learn more about FDA censorship: http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=544BD1D89A151956D37B2A70A55F4BA1And share this video with others. Everyone deserves to know the truth about nutrition and health. The FDA cannot keep us all in the dark forever. With your help, we will shine the light of truth on this issue and end the era of nutritional illiteracy that has cost America trillions of dollars and destroyed millions of lives.Via: http://www.NaturalNews.com

Nissan Bears All Embraces NFL Season With EcoHugging Leaf Ad

Its the start of the football season in the U.S, and that means millions of viewers watching the games in their own home.

Which translates to millions of eyeballs watching television ads during the game. In short, NFL mid-game adverts are big-buck affairs.


jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Schools ban bracelets promoting cancer awareness I love boobies

Cancer has ravaged several of Ann Aberson's relatives, so she doesn't have a problem with her two teenage daughters wearing bracelets to raise awareness of breast cancer.

But their school principal does.


Environmentally friendly tips that will save you money in the kitchen

Here are some eco-friendly tips I?ve learned that will help you save energy, water and money next time you?re in the kitchen.


22 Common Southern Mispronunciations

I'm from the south, and don't mind making fun of it.

The people are nice, usually polite and very laid-back for the most part. But... sometimes they get a little lazy while they're talking.


A Year Later Kanye West Im Sorry Taylor

This past Saturday over the course of an hour and a half and 78 tweets, Kanye West finally apologized to Taylor Swift for interrupting her acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs.

Read the whole tirade here.


A study examining the association between urban life and psychotic disorders

The association between psychotic disorders and living in urban areas appears to be a reflection of increased social fragmentation present within cities, according to a report in the September issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.
A study examining the association between urban life and psychotic disorders


How Cockroach Brains May One Day Save Your Life

They�re the insect that everyone loves to hate - but one day a cockroach just may save your life.

Typically despised for being ugly, dirty, and icky, the hearty critters actually possess powerful antibiotic properties...


Spectacular Examples of Cute and Colorful Photography PICS

A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many Thoughts.


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Crab Gumbo Recipe

Crab Gumbo Recipe
This delicious seafood stew can be as spicy as you would like it to be.


7 Food Myths You probably know but are worth repeating

7 Food Myths You probably know but are worth repeating
Stop fearing healthy foods because you're holding on to old recommendations and pure food fiction.


Lindsay Lohan Hires Britney Spears Former Manager Larry Rudolph

Lindsay Lohan has hired the former manager of frenemy Britney Spears in a last ditch effort to salvage what's left of her once thriving career.


15 Awful DIY Plumbing Disasters

There's no doubt that taking the lesser traveled DIY path usually saves a ton of money on household projects, whether they be small fixer-uppers or large retiling jobs.

Sometimes, however, it's just better to call the damn plumber; they have the job for a reason.


New SSC Supercar Leaked Reveal Coming Later This Month

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has once again put the Volkswagen Group's French marque back at the top of the fastest production car charts with its recent 268-mph record, but within days Shelby Supercars (SSC) announced it would be once again gunning to top Bugatti.

We already know that SSC's new...


6 Terrible Ways To Spend Labor Day

Labor Day marks the official end of summer.

Therefore, everyone secretly hates it.


20 Cosplay Babes of DragonCon 2010 [PICS]

Dragon*Con" an event with more costumed people per square yard than anywhere in the world that I know of, including Halloween


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The Truth About The Epic Beard Man Viral Video

Back in February, a fight took place on a public bus in Oakland.

A week later, four million people had watched the video on YouTube. "AC Transit Bust Fight I Am a Motherfucker" featured all the key ingredients for a video to go viral: colorful characters, a silly catchphrase, and most importantly, someone getting badly injured.


Ford to pay 131M for 2001 Explorer rollover accident

A jury has ordered that Ford pay $131 million for a 2001 rollover accident that claimed the life of Mets prospect Brian Cole.


HTC Taiwan the iPhone is cool challenging

(AP) -- East Asia is the world's electronics factory, yet unless they are Japanese, producers are largely anonymous.

Now HTC Corp., a Taiwanese maker of smart phones, is moving out of the shadows and trying to establish its own brand name as it competes with Apple's iPhone.


Another ExScientologist Publishes Damning TellAll

Adding to Scientology's woes, some of the people who have been making defections in recent years are turning around and...


Try a meatless Monday

Going meatless one day a week can greatly benefit your health and our environment.


10 of the Most Homicidal Children in History

While serial killers are creepy enough, there is one thing more frightening -- children who kill.


MeetIsa Blyth the 106yearold virgin

Sprightly Isa Blyth will celebrate turning 106 today � and puts her amazing age down to being a virgin Isa has never even been KISSED and thinks staying single has made her stay strong.

Last night her niece Sheena Campbell, 67, said: "I'm not sure if anyone ever tried it on - but they never got anywhere! She says she never felt the need for romance and never had time for a man.

"She did like the odd sherry though."

Isa, born in 1904, instead


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Creamy Seafood wrapped in zucchini and cucumber salad recipe

You have to try these to believe how good they taste.


Researchers develop new selfassembling photovoltaic technology that repairs are

Plants are good at doing what scientists and engineers have been struggling to do for decades: converting sunlight into stored energy, and doing so reliably day after day, year after year. Now some MIT scientists have succeeded in mimicking a key aspect of that process.
Researchers develop new selfassembling photovoltaic technology that repairs are