miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

USA loses AAA credit rating as SP downgrades due to runaway debt and government spending

The USA lost its long-coveted AAA debt rating late Friday as Standard and Poor's downgraded the nation's debt to AA+, citing out-of-control government spending and record budget deficits.

This is something that key members of the Obama administration promised would never happen .They were wrong, of course; just like the entire cabal of useless bureaucrats in Washington is wrong about what's going to happen next. This downgrade of the debt rating by S&P, you see, is what NaturalNews and other alternative media leaders have been predicting and warning about for years. The U.S. government's runaway debt spending, we warned,...


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Chuck Bluestein dijo...

This is a strong signal that the economy may be in real trouble. I saw on your profile that you do yoga, meditation and have websites just like I do.